Eneroth Fog Tool
Set fog start and end distances precisely from points in model or custom lengths.
Eneroth Fog Tool

Activated from Tools > Fog Tool.

Set fog start (where opacity is 0%) and fog end (where opacity is 100%) either by clicking in model or by typing in lengths.

A typical use is to make paralell projected sections look more 3-dimensional by clicking the section plane to start fog at it and then type in an exact length of how deep into the model to see. This also hides what's not relevant for that specific cut which is useful for clear drawings.

Another use is to make heightmaps, e.g. of landscapes.

When fog thickness is negative (the fog end is closer to the camera than the foig start) no fog at all will be rendered.


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I've tried the model, but it is just a simplified version of the tool you find in "Window>Fog" You do the exact same thing. I want a plugin that can enable me to make patches of fog.

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The plugin controls the native Sketchup fog. The difference from Window > Fog is that it lets you do it preisely. This is for instance useful when making drawings, say a section where you want the cut to be clearly visible and you want to show everything within e.g. 10 m from the cut.

The fog feature don't support patches, the only way to do that would be to create geometry or post render image editing.

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In what way does this differ from the native Fog tool?

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I am sorry, but I do not understand how it works. It asks me to set a "distance from camera" but where is the camera? does it coincide with the section plane?

would you be kind enough to show me how it should work? my problem is that I do not know what to reference to?


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The camera is the point you view the model from. If it was physically built the camera would correspond to your eye. The plugin allows you to type in the exact distance from the camera where the fog should start but you can also click somewhere in the model, e.g. on the section plane, to have the fog start there.

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Whit this tool you can click in the model to set the exact locations where the fog should start and end or type in the exact lengths. Natively you can only set it with a slider to somewhere between really near and really far.

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Can I use this if I have several sections in the same model and want to have a different fog setting for each section? In other words, can several fog settings exist in the same model and each be unique to the scene associated with a section cut?

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A great app. Very easy to use and gives impresive results. Thanks Enroth3.

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Thanks, great job :)

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Nice plugin:)