Eneroth Face Creator
Creates every possible face that can be created from the edges in the current selection or in the whole active drawing context when there is nothing selected. Runs recursively on groups and components.
Eneroth Face Creator

Creates all possible faces from the selected edges or active drawing context if nothing is selected. This can be useful for creating hatches from section planes.

Runs from Extensions > Eneroth Face Creator.

To create the hatch faces for a section, right click it and select Create Group from Slice. You may need to explode windows and other grouped geometry to get a closed loop of edges to create the faces from before running the script.



Hello, I have installed this extension, and then it`s appear in "Extensions", But when I select some edges, to create faces, I don`t see "Create Group from Slice." in my context by right clicking. What`s may wrong ? How can I show you pics more detailed ?

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The command is activated from the Extensions menu, not context menu.

the extension "face creator" shows in my 'extensions' folder but no tool to use. Does not show in 'tools' either. My extensions are unrestricted but still nothing, HMMMM.

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This extension should appear in Extension, not in tools.

how do i change my extension policy??

thank you

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I agree with edwin11373 . & this is not just fast, it might make us lazy. wonderful work?. Thank You?.

This is a powerfull tool. Thanks!!!!
I don't understand why is not a default tool in Sketchup

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I finally figured out how to use this tool, and it's just what I needed!

I can't use the extension, when I open the Extension Window it comes with an message

What should I do?

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You can change the Extension Policy to Unregistered and it should work: https://help.sketchup.com/en/article/3000237.

Perfect! Thank you!

do we need plugin for this..?

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Technically you don't need a plugin for anything. Either you can do it manually from the graphical interface or you could write commands in the ruby console.

However, if you want to create a hundred faces or so from free standing edges, using this plugin is much, much faster than doing it manually.

Does this work with SketchUp Pro 2016? I got a message "not marked as being compatible.... may experience issues...."

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That's odd. It's marked to be compatible with SU 2016 in the right hand side info box and I use it myself in SU 2016.

Could it be because the word "Pro" is not included? I have just purchased the latest version of Pro, so you believe I should be safe to use the plugin?

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That shouldn't matter. The difference between Make an Pro shouldn't affect extension at all except for special cases when the developer actively chooses to do so.

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Thanks so much.

The tool worked beautifully to make a face in a model I had to repair/hollow out (destroyed in 3D Builder by running too many subtractions against it).

Keep up the great work!

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This should have been in Sketchup. Thanks!

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You are not only a beautyful face, you are an amazing mind too. Thanks and kisses.

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thanks genius

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how do I use this after installing?

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