Eneroth Edge Breaking Toggle
Toggle whether edges should break or not when drawn edge intersect another edge.
Eneroth Edge Breaking Toggle

In Sketchup 7 the drawing behaviour changed so edges automatically breaks when intersecting. Often this is very helpful but sometimes not, such as when temporarily moving edges aside onto other edges, writing simple text with the line tool or of any other reason overlapping edges are desired.

This extension let's you easily toggle the break edges property, either from the toolbar or Edit > Break Edges.


Святослав К.'s picture

Thank You very Mutch! Usefull fo 2d drafting
I would lowe to use only Su, without cad software.

glro's picture

work only with the native line tool of sketchup

Paolo C's picture

Does it only work on newly created lines, or it also applies to lines already created?
I want to export to Autocad a model created with line-break on: it would be handy if this extension could unify lines already broken.
Thank you,

Eneroth3's picture

Unfortunately this only affects lines drawn after the setting was switch. CleanUp can unify lines that are randomly split but I don't know of any tool that can unify lines split by other lines :( .

YouMADTube M.'s picture

I think this doesn't change anything on SU 2015.
My SO is W7 32bit.
I can't find any video about this plugin ...!! :)

Eneroth3's picture

Strange. Just tested and it works in SU 2015 on my Win 7 64 bits.

3gzotic .'s picture

Doesnt change anything on SU 2015

Eneroth3's picture

That's odd, I just tested it and it works as expected for me. What OS are you using?

SEE-IT-3D's picture

Like the option here for more control :)