Eneroth De-DC-ify
Purges Dynamic Components of their dynamicness and turns them into nice regular components.
Eneroth De-DC-ify

Eneroth De-DC-ify purges Dynamic Components of their dynamicness and turns them into regular components. This can be used to protect your intellectual property before sending a model with custom DCs to a client. It can also be used if you, like me, simply don't like Dynamic Components and just want imported components to behave like normal components. It also I find the name funny.

Activated from Extensions > Eneroth De-DC-ify.


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This plugin is very useful. I think the only problem with this plugin is other windows users. It worked fine on my mac.

I'm using SK 2017, and this doesn't work at all. It never has, since I installed it originally. It just does nothing: the DC attributes are still there. I've tried it on a number of different models, some with high complexity, others with just one single DC that has one single attribute, but it's always the same: no change at all.

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That's weird. This extension works when I download it a few months ago, and it stops working. You click and nothing happens. SU2018 Win10. I try to uninstall and reinstall, reboot, still nothing. My old workaround is to save as SU6 and load it back in.

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That's odd. There shouldn't have been any updates to this since the first release. Has anything else changed since then? Same SU version? Trying on the same component?

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I tried isolating the DC component (save as), I tried different components, different files, I also tried all of this on my second workstation (Win7pro-SU2018) and nothing works. Now I try to remember if I used this plugin since I install SU18! I know it works at some point and I think it was last summer or fall when I was still on SU2017.

I use sketchup 2018, this does not seem to work for me.

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Could you elaborate a bit on the "does not seem to work" part?

It doesn't seem to work: or I'm not understanding how to use it! I select a DC, go to the "Extensions" drop-down, click on "Eneroth De-DC-ify", and nothing happens: all the attributes of the DC are still there! What am I doing wrong?

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This is a feature I was asking for LONG TIME.... Thank you so much Eneroth.

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Eneroth De-DC-ify (1.0.0); November 16, 2017
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