Eneroth Component Replacer
Swiftly pick up any component and replace others with it.
Eneroth Component Replacer

Swiftly pick up any component or group and replace others with it. Useful for architectural design when you need to replace many components at once, e.g. try out how the building looks with another kind of windows or to quickly replace lots of furniture. Also useful for rendering to replace proxies with more detailed components.

Note that you can pick a source component in one drawing context, deactivate the tool and navigate to another drawing context, and then replace components there using your previously selected source. To at any time pick a new source, simply press Alt.

By default the replaced components keep their axes (placement and scaling), e.g. a big table replacing a small table will have the size of the big table. Optionally you can instead chose to keep the bounds, i.e. resize the replacement to match what it replaces, by tapping Tab.

Activate from Extensions > Eneroth Component Replacer or the toolbar.

Modifier keys

Alt/Command = Pick new source to replace with.
Ctrl/Option = Replace all similar components in active context.
Shift = Replace all similar components throughout model.
Tab = Toggle keep bounds.

If you forget the modifier keys you can also see them in the Instructor.

Potential Issues

When used on components with badly positioned axes the components may get located in unexpected places. To correct axes of components you can use ThomThom's Axes Tools. Often the mosts suitable origin location is at the bottom center; this way you can swap components and keep an expected placement even if the components differ in size.


Tojei P.'s picture

Please add 2 features to your great plugin:
- Can be applied to replace the multi-selection
- Pick up component outside in the active group or component.

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I'm not sure SketchUp allows picking up components outside the active context. However, you can exit the active context, pick up a component, go back in and re-activate the tool. It remembers the picked up component, even if it was picked in another context.

I have thought about allowing replacements of pre-selected components but I'm not sure exactly how it would work. The tool could perhaps replace all components that are pre-selected when it is activated, if a replacement has previously been picked. This could be useful in conjunction with e.g. TT's Selection Toys, but could perhaps be confusing if the user has accidentally pre-selected something. There's a a risk something is accidentally replaced without the user noticing it.

What do you think?

Tojei P.'s picture

Thank you for your reply.
UI in your plugin like Paint bucket tool, that's why I think It's simple and smart for the user.
When after used eyedrop for picking the main component, I can only paint individually object. I think to replace multi components making your plugin more powerful like using component replacer by Thomthom.

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You already can replace multiple. Just press Ctrl to replace all similar components in the same drawing context or Shift to replace all similar components throughout the model. I thought you meant replacing components that has been selected by another extension according to some other rule, e.g. layer, or material.

Tojei P.'s picture

Sorry for my explanation. Your plugin can replace the similar component, not separator components in multiple selections.
Hope you can improve your plugin in the future version.

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Is it the selection from before the tool is activated you want to replace?

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When I use bucket tool in your plugin, I can replace one component or similar component.
In component replacer by Thomthom, I can pick multi separator component I want to replace by one component after this.
Each plugin has the different workflow, different feature.
Because I am a user, that's why I want to explain this to the developer for improving the product.

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Can 2D components be replaced ?

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Yup. You can try it yourself too before purchasing.

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This is a great plugin thanks for creating it. This really should have been a native feature, just lazy trimble devs as is the norm these days.

I have a licensing issue with this though. With Sketchup you get two activations for each license so we have 2 licenses over four machines, 2 in the office and two on our home laptops. However this only seems to let you install the plugin on one machine for each license? We have two licenses of this plugin but it says license limit reached when I try an install on the other two machines? Is there something I'm doing wrong?


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Hi Rob

Unfortunately there isn't much i can do about this as the Extension Warehouse handles the licenses, not me. You can try contacting the SketchUp support here: https://help.sketchup.com/en/contact.

I hope this helps!

I would like to buy 9 of these, is that possible or do i have to buy 9 separately for each one of my users?


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Hi Rick

Unfortunately Extension Warehouse doesn't support multi-seat licenses so for now you'll need to buy 9 separate licenses. I hope Extension Warehouse will one day offer more options for this. You are not the first to ask.

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Thank you, thank you ! I've been putting off simplifying all those stud and rafter copies in a framing sub-model that I got carried away on. First time I've done this with Sketchup so I didn't think far enough ahead and slow down to organize components properly.

The re-install from the Warehouse went well and the tool is intuitive to use. In ten minutes I've got a model of mostly components. So, I'm purchasing this extension right now & it will be a permanent part of my Toolbar.

Question: If I haven't adjusted the axes for these components, will it still position the replacements in the same place?
I have a very large model with hundreds of doors and windows. They need to be replaced with simpler models than the ones that came from the 3D Warehouse originally, but I'm afraid I will miss some if I do it manually - already tried that, and I did - but the replacements are the same size and position, just fewer edges and faces. Will Component Replacer work cleanly and completely in this case?

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I would say it depends on how you define "the same place". By default the plugin places the replacement so it has the axes on the exact same space as the replaced component which is the technical definition of the same place.

However, if the two components have differently positioned axes they will appear to be positioned differently. To overcome this you can press Tab to enable Keep Bounds. With this setting toggled on the replacement will be positioned so its bounding box matches that of the replaced component. But beware that this also scales the replacement component unless their bounding boxes are the exact same size.

You can try if Keep bounds works for you but the most reliable way is to give the components standardized axes position, e.g. using ThomThom's Axes Tools.

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Why I don't Used (MAC)

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I've just corrected a bug in the licensing check the plugin does which is probably why the plugin didn't work for you.

The way the Extension Warehouse licensing system is designed I as a plugin developer can't test that my licensing checks actually work and somehow the error slipped through the review too.

A new version with the bug fixed is currently awaiting review and will likely be live within a day or so.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

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I'm sorry but I have no idea what you mean.

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Well done, Christina!

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I'm glad you like it :)

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