Eneroth Camera Memory
Saves the camera position in just 2 clicks so it can be retrieved later. Works between models. Perfect for version comparison for instance.
Eneroth Camera Memory

For bulk export/import of scenes with control over camera position, layer visibility, section planes, style & fog, shadow settings, geo location and axes location, use my View Memory instead.


Camera > Put To Memory

Saves information regarding the current camera to a file in this plugin's folder.

Camera > Retrieve From Memory

Loads the file and recreates the camera.


This plugin can be used when comparing different models, for instance an old backup and the most recent model to see what has changed, or before and after images from house renovations and refurnishing.


J. Heriberto R's picture

Hi Eneroth!

Great plug-in! I have just one question... am I using it wrong or it doesn't work when you have a 2 point perspective scene?

Thank you, very much again.

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Unfortunately the SketchUp Ruby API doesn't support setting 2 point perspective cameras. I have already filed a feature request for this so maybe it is added in some future version.

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Need help.
After using ECM 2 years in SKPro2017 I wanna install it now in the 2018 version. I see it in my account library as installed but the "save & retrieve" settings are missing in the camera menu .
Strange thing is the uninstall button is also there but there is an unkown error when I want to uninstall it?
Happened before ?

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This is apparently a known bug in Extension Warehouse that has appeared recently. Just found this in the forum: https://forums.sketchup.com/t/sketchup-2018-extension-manager-bug-preven...

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Does it work if you install it from here (the information page), rather than your account library?

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It must feel so good to get so many grateful answers to your nice work. I myself want to thank you a lot , Julia; you are a inspiration: Be happy (and successful of course) !

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it works, sort of.

what it does is to register the camera position of Scene 1 in file A and transfers it to file B, without saving the scene; this has to be done manually for each scene. it is better than nothing but it demands a lot of additional work. imagine you have 20 scenes in a file and wants to copy them to another.

couldn't you make it at least save one scene at a time? ideally it should be able to export/import all scenes in a file.

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Bulk import/export of scenes would be a far more advanced plugin that this. However, after numerous requests I've just made such a plugin: http://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/eneroth-view-memory . Unlike this one it's not free but for professional users it can quite quickly pay back given all the time it saves.

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Bad mammer-jammer! Thanks Eneroth3!

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Oh my Goodness, yes! Wonderful, thank You so much!

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Christina, You are brilliant.

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Yea nice rubby.. I copy this addon 4x and I have '4 cam working box' XD this is Sparta !!
one bug.. when I change drawing unit;

is this plugin free?

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Thanks Christina... thaaaaanks thanks thanks!

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This is a heaven-sent. Very useful and easy to use.


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Oh my god, thank you. This plugin is going to save me so much time!

So simple and quick, very useful!
Thank you!

I LOVE YOU. thanks

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Excell. Thanks

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Thank you ! It is a great time(life) saver.

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This is great!

A suggestion for a similar plugin: It would also be great to copy scenes from one file to another.

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I believe this already does that

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Thankyou. Really useful plugin especially for maintaining a fixed camera position for different scenes when working with Layout.

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Thanks for making this plug-in

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Good job. Simple and does exactly what it should.

Darren's picture

Hi Eneroth,
Thank you so much for the plugin, works like a charm. One quick suggestion if you decide to add to the plugin: it would be great to save the sun angle information as well (time of year, time of the day, north angle), so the shadows stay the same.


Eneroth3's picture

Hi Darren

I really liked this idea. It can't be a function in the same plugins since you may also want to save camera position without shadows but I made a separate plugin for it :) .


NETWORK Mimarlık L's picture

we are a architecture office, we render mostly 2d perspective renders, and we have mostly more than one models for a project, i have researched a lot, but i coulndt find a proper extension that import/export "2d perspective camera properly ", i hope you add that features soon.

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you are a life saver! I been looking for a plugin similar to this!

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Thanks ... this is exactly what I needed ...

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Great one...simple and useful...


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I couldn't install this plugin on version 7 ? it is marked as compatible !

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So usefull. Thank you very much for this lovely extension.

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thx a lot , may i ask you about a plugin that could help me in making the scene to capture the interative process in dynamical components, i v made a design for a motorhome that uses the photovoltaic panels but as the motorhome stops the panels have to face the south saddly in my animation the scene cannot capture the panel tilting change as the panels are dynamical componets that react to the interactive tools

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Wow. I saved one hour with your plug-in~!
It's awesome!

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This is one of my favorite plugins. Thank you very much!

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muito bom

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And where were you before ... Thanks you very much!!!

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It would be good to post a video to explain how it works and how to use this interesting plugin

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You just saved my bacon little lady! Thank you. Nothing worse than having to 'aproximate' the look of your previous images when file gets corrupt.

Thank you!