Eneroth Axonometric Projection
Distorts a group or component to resemble an axonometric projection when viewed from above.
Eneroth Axonometric Projection

This plugin is used to emulate axonometric views by distorting a group or component and viewing it from a defined direction. Useful for technical and architectural drawings. Called from Extensions > Eneroth Axonometric Projection.


For simple models all content is typically turned into a component. A copy of this component is moved away a bit from the original so it's not visible in the view and the tool is used on it.

For more advanced models the whole model can be imported (File > Import) to a blank Sketchup file and  the tool be applied to this imported component. This component can be reloaded in the component browser to update the axonometric view when the master model is drawn to.

A wide range of projections such as isometric, dimetric, trimetric, cavalier, cabinet and approximations of these can be applied by setting the angle for right and left axes (measured from horizontal) and scale on all 3 axes.


Since this tool only applies a transformation to an individual group or component and not the camera itself shadows won't work properly. Line drawings will however work just fine.


It worked yesterday. Now all of a sudden it doens't work anymore...

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Has anything else changed since yesterday, e.g. changed computer, changed SU version, re-installed SU, replaced any hardware or gotten any software updates? Has anything else stopped working since yesterday, e.g. any SketchUp tools?

Are you trying with the same component of the same model as worked yesterday or could there be something else with your model that stops it from working (regardless of what day it is)?

When you say it doesn't work anymore, in what way doesn't it work? Exactly what are you doing, what was the anticipated result and what was the actual result?

this file is 2017 version, mine is 2016 so i expected it would work for me because it said that it;s compatible .. what can i dot with it?

Hi, when I've installed the extension, it says that is 'unsigned' and it doesn't work.. Please could you tell me what should I do? Thank you so much!

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That's strange. It should be signed if you got it from Extension Warehouse. You could try changing your Extension Policy to run unsigned extensions and see if that helps.

Thank you, it works! Is really great!

Thank you so much! It works beautiful.

doesnt work with sketchup 2016

It worked with my Skethup 2016 for Mac...

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Is there any way to make it compatible with Sketchup 8? Thanks.

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If I remember it correctly transformation matrices worked oddly in SU 8. Have you tried? It can also be a good idea to upgrade since SU 8 is 6 years old and a lot has happened to SU since.

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I've tried loading the extension, but it just gives an error. I would upgrade but I'm keeping an old copy of Pro running for various reasons.

THANK YOU FOR THIS AMAZING EXTENSION!!!!!! We have being solving the projection problem for centuries!

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I saw in the video that Eneroth used a "vertical scale factor" of 0.8, ...but entering 0.866 is a bit more precises. (The cosine of 30 degrees is: 0.86602540378) kiwi:)

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It's not about making a precise projection, Sketchup already does that by itself. It's about making a drawing you can measure from.

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I used to have to do this work in illustrator before (for 2D plan drawings), but I can asure people that they will get the same precise result doing this in Sketchup with this extension. I just did an overlap comparison of the end result of the two methods that was spot on. Since I still work with a pencil quite a bit, I print out scaled projections on paper where I do most of my initial design. Therfore I am a bit more accurate with my vertical scaling:)

i've just downloaded file, but i can't find the plugin in sketchup. could anyone help me? (i have got a mac). thank you so much

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The plugin has to be installed before it can be used. The easiest way is to use the extension warehouse from within Sketchup where the Downlaod button is replaced by an install button.

hi i dont really understand the installation.
after i donwload, it comes with 1 file rbz format
how can i install it exactly? thankss

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It does a really good job. The only tricky issue is that I can't find how to undo changes after saving the project.

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You can right click the group/component and click reset skew and reset scale. However, the workflow I've had in mind is to either have one original component to keep working with and a copy that is permanently distorted for the axonometric view. It could also be one original model to keep working in and a separate model where the fist model is loaded in as a component and distorted for the axonometric view.

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Hi Eneroth. I am still confused as to how to apply the projection to a model I have. Could you do me a solid and specify the steps I need to take?

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I am also confused how to apply the projection, the toolbar is not appearing on screen however I have successfully downloaded the plugin. Thanks

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Have you installed it or just downloaded the file?

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Thanks for making this plugin as well as the tutorial above.Very simple to use.

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Great plugin. How do you revert a transformed model into original settings?

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Select the group/component. Right click and select reset skew. Repeat but click reset scale instead this time.

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wow. great job

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thank you, very nice!