Eneroth 3D Rotate Tool
Rotate entities freely around point. Fast rotation in 3 dimensions. Snap to edge from radius.
Eneroth 3D Rotate Tool


  • Rotate freely around point
  • Snap to radius on edge or construction line
  • Consistent look and feel with native rotate tool


Tools > 3D Rotate

First pick a point to use as the rotation origin. If no entities are selected the tool will select the clicked entity similar to the native rotate tool.

Pick a point to move, usually an endpoint in the selection.

Pick a target point to drag this point towards. The tool snaps to points on edges at the same distance from the rotation origin as the start point. When this is done the selection is rotated two-dimensionally so the start point lines up with the rotation origin and target.

If you want the rotated entities to stay upright, just stop here. Otherwise you can select additional start and target points to rotate around the axis that goes through the rotation origin and first target point.


Lean ladder against wall

Making triangles with a given hypotenuse and a given cathetus, but no given angles, is one of the key features with this extension and not possible with the native rotate tool since it doesn't snap to radius.

To lean the ladder, first draw the construction line to lean it towards. Select the 3d rotate tool and pick the bottom corner of the ladder on the side closest to the wall. click the top corner of the ladder right above the previous point and move the cursor towards the construction line. When the cursor is within 10 px from the correct point it snaps to the right place. Click where it snaps and you are done. In this example the second rotation isn't needed.

Hang object from crane

To make an object look like it's hanging (e.g. from a crane) use the point where it's attached as rotation origin. Grab the object in its center of gravity (or in about that direction from the rotation origin). If you want to find the exact right spot TIG has made a plugin that founds the center of gravity. Then click underneath the origin of rotation to rotate the object so it looks as if it's hanging.

If you want to you can click the object again to rotate around what's now blue axis.

Known bugs and issues

(possible solutions appreciated :) )

Snapping to radius on guide lines outside drawing context

Snapping to radius on guide lines outside the current drawing context (i.e. outside an edited group or component) is not possible. This is caused by API difficulties for guide lines specifically and works properly for edges.