Elevate Contours
Elevates flat contour lines by a defined incremental distance
Elevate Contours

This is a simple extension that allows you to take flat set of contour lines and step elevate them into "3D"


  1. Place your set of flat contours at elevation z=0
  2. Using the tape measure tool, click first at the model axis origin (0,0,0)
  3. Next, move the tapemeasure tool out toward the extents of your contours. Notice that a construction line is created starting from the origin and ending at your tapemeasure. This can be used to see where a vector from the origin will hit your individual contours.
  4. Select the construction point-line.
  5. Activate the Elevate Contour extensions (Extensions Menu > Elevate Contours)
  6. Enter in your incremental elevation distance

NOTE: Only edges connected to the edge that is crossed by construction point-line vector will be elevated.  You will want to close any gaps in the contour line before using this extension.