EASYSKETCH Kitchen Design Plugin
Create professional kitchen design concepts with EASYSKETCH.
  • Wide choice of decors
  • Modern and classic door styles
  • Growing collection of handles
  • Wide range of cabinets
EASYSKETCH Kitchen Design Plugin

Fully compatible with SketchUp 2019.

EASYSKETCH Requires an active subscription a license for use can be purchased from our website. www.easysketch.co.uk

EASYSKETCH is a cool new way to create professional kitchen designs in SketchUp. Once installed into SketchUp you can access an extensive library of kitchen components from the EASYSKETCH window. 

To start a new kitchen design use the drop down menus to set your designs options. To add a cabinet to your drawing use the filterable search. Units will filter depending on your search criteria eg: “drawer” will filter unit with drawers, “oven” will filter units for ovens. To add the chosen unit to the drawing space click on the unit and it is automatically placed at the current cursor position.

By using our logical SKU naming convention you can speed up the design process even more. Consider the following scenario, you wish to plan a base unit, 60cm wide. Simply type ‘B60’ into the search to filter to that exact unit. The unit is prefixed B for ‘Base’ followed by the width. Another example could be the drawer unit SKU ‘DP601S2D’ this will return a Drawer pack (DP) at 60cm wide (60) with 1 shallow drawer (1S) and 2 deep drawers (2D).

The real power of EASYSKETCH is the ability to make design changes quickly. Right-click on a unit to access the EASYSKETCH sub menus where you’ll find handy shortcuts to parameters such as Carcass material, Door handle, Frontal material, Worktop material other design options.

EASYSKETCH is updateable, our plan is to create regular new content and build EASYSKETCH into a rich resource of kitchen related data. Planned content updates include new handle packs, worktop supplier swatches, door styles and pre-configured units groups. New content can be added simply from the Plugins>EasySketch>Manage Content window inside SketchUp.

Each month we’ll send you a newsletter keeping you up-to-date with the latest software updates and content packs. A ‘Subscriber Zone’ has been created on our website where you can access, pre-configured furniture groups and other useful models to use in your designs.

Dedicated support is available via our website by clicking on the ‘Support’ link and ‘Live Help’ is available from any page on our website.

We hope you’ll find EASYSKETCH a productivity enhancing addition to your SketchUp workflow.

For support please visit https://easysketch.zendesk.com/

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EASYSKETCH requires an active subscription which can be purchased from www.easysketch.co.uk EASYSKETCH is the new time-saving kitchen design extension for SketchUp. Plan professional looking kitchen designs in minutes with the easy-to-use interface. EASYSKETCH contains real manufacturer data and has been created by kitchen design professionals.