Drop Zone
Drag and drop interface to installing Ruby plugins.
Drop Zone

Drag and Drop installation of RB, RBS, RBZ and ZIP packages.

Note that you will be prompted with confirmation for each RBZ/ZIP file dropped. This is an API limitation I cannot do anything with.

Also beware that if you do not have full permissions the Windows security system might send the RB or RBS files into Virtual Store. The installer will try to check and catch this and ask for permission to move the files. (UAC window will appear.)


This plugin makes use of new HTML5 technology, therefore a modern IE or WebKit installed on the computer is required.

Windows: Need at least Internet Explorer 10

OSX: Currently incompatible. When the SketchUp window looses focus the toolwindows disappear - meaning there isn't any target to drop onto.

Menus & Toolbars

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