Draw Whorl
Draws spiral threads with tapered section (if needed) for making screw and bolt threads.
Draw Whorl

Draw Whorl plug in/extension is a simple way to generate threads for your models. It allows fixed-radius thread section, as well as an optional tapered-thread section. You can specify the starting and ending radius for the tapered section, and how many revolutions of the fixed-radius and tapered-radius sections. You can specify the pitch of the threads, the length of the threads, and the width of the outer edge of the threads. The help page has additional tools to help you generate settings files for standard bolt and screw threads.

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Draw Whorl (1.0.7); November 30, 2015
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Hi, I am a support systems administrator for a university in-plant offset and digital printing operation. My hobbies include photography and woodworking. I use SketchUp to plan woodworking projects, and love making models. I recently made an SketchUp extension for creating threads for bolts and screws called DrawWhorl.
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