Draw Boundingbox
Draws greometry or guides from boundingboxes of selection.
Draw Boundingbox

Creates constructions points/lines or faces out of the boundingboxes of the selected groups / components.

Menus & Toolbars

  • Draw » Boundingbox


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Michał P's picture

Could it be grouped automatically?

John M's picture

Is this plugin working for you? I'm using SU 2018, and I cannot figure out why I'm not seeing this plugin's tools anywhere on the menu bar.

ThomThom's picture

Are you seeing any errors?
Have you installed the required TT_Lib?
Are you looking in the Draw menu?

John M's picture

I found it and it's working perfectly! I didn't know it was under the 'draw' menu.

Noah C's picture

Not a review but a question. I am a woodworker. I am also new to SketchUp. How would this tool apply to me? Could you give me some examples of how I could use this tool you so kindly created? I watched the video, looked at the attached photos but I still don’t quite understand what the purpose or benefit of this tool is. I would like to understand how to use it cuz it looks super cool;P