Double Line
Three simple tools to either draw walls from picked points or from a selection of objects. Walls can be 2D or 3D.
Double Line

Three simple tools to either draw walls from picked points or from a selection of objects. Walls can be 2D or 3D. Also let you quickly create openings in the 3D walls. PDF help file included in the resources folder.
Please browse the Resources folder of your DBUR_Dline folder and read the file "HowToLocalise.txt" to know how to localize your version of Double line.


Hoe is het mogelijk's picture

april 12 2018 - It works excellent with SU 2017! Thank you!

Matthew V.'s picture

This plugin is great but needs an update! No working consistently.

Niranjan Das S's picture

Not working consistantly with 17 pro on mac. was doing well on 15. Not able to terminate command does not finish when i press enter. The select tool wrk with simpe lines and rectangles but when line crossings are there it is not responding!

MCAD D.'s picture

Using Sketchup 2016. This is a handy app. There does seem to be a problem with the double line tool not snapping to the axis so ortho walls are difficult to do. Unless I am missing something, the only ortho wall is the first one, the other proceeding others don't like to snap to the other axis. Double clicking to finish the walls is also inconsistent and many times I tried to double click but it did not end the walls. I had to hit escape which removed all the walls drawn. Double clicking ens up closing the chain of walls which may not be what the user wants to happen. It does work well with the standard sketchup lines though.

Simon B's picture

SketchUp 2017 - I have to agree. Only ortho it picks is the first one then after that it won't pick any axis. This could be such a great tool if it would snap to an axis and also be able to be locked to an axis with the arrow keys. Tab to change wall insertion alignment i.e right side/centred/left side would also be really useful.

Really hoping for an update?

Stian T.'s picture

Cant get it to work on Sketchup 2016

Error Loading File C:/Users/Stasjonær/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2016/SketchUp/Plugins/DBUR_Dline/DBUR_DoubleLine.rbs
Failed to read RBE/RBS file.
Installed directly from extensions warehouse

창식 고.'s picture

please Youtube movie.

emahfuz's picture

after making sure it is working I ran a few tests and the only thing I could not do is to close a set of walls upon itself. in general it does not close and when it does the corner is not healed. in trying to build a triangular space I perform the normal procedures for the two first walls. however, when I double-click there appears a third line on the ground and I have to press return for the wall to appear. the corner remains unhealed. perhaps I am doing something wrong.

on the other hand, drawing from a selection works fine.

Mario C's picture

Yes, same thing here. Also on Mac.
Furthermore, the first line do snap to an axis but not the following ones. Even with the shift key.
But it is nice with the selected lines.

Lee B.'s picture

Hi D.Bur

I'm working on SketchUP 8 and I've down loaded and installed this extension on 2 computers. Both times I get the menu box, but it's blank. As you pass the cursor over the menu box you can see that blank boxes are being selected. You can draw the walls, but the menu box is still blank.

Thanks for any help

D.Bur's picture

Hi Lee,
This extension isn't compatible with SU8... Sorry

Lee B.'s picture

Well it works, I just can't see the menus. But I know where they are in the menu box..

emahfuz's picture

same problem. I am on mac os x (yosemite).

michal029's picture

Yes, I have the same problem as (Devin C) although sometimes works strangely.

Devin C's picture

Double line openings and double line from selection don't appear to be working in Sketchup 2015.

Edit: Interestingly enough, selecting a circle will work. Does this only work with closed curves that make up a boundary?

D.Bur's picture

Hi Devin C,
As it is said in the doc, valid objects: lonely edges, connected edges (closed or not), curves (closed or not), arcs, circles, polygons.
It's working here for all these cases, I can't figure out why it does'nt on your side :(
Remember that face(s) that are within objects bounds may cause problems.

Devin C's picture

I did some further testing to see if I could figure out the problem. Starting a new drawing and drawing random lines, then choosing "Double Lines From Selection" on those lines works perfectly.

The issue appears to be with lines imported from AutoCAD through the import option. AutoCAD lines don't work with your plugin, and for the life of me, I couldn't tell you why. They show up as "Edge" entities just like any other lines. However, if the lines happen to create a closed boundary, then your plugin works with them.

I exploded all of the autocad linework, moved it all to layer 0, ran cleanup on them, etc etc and nothing changes. Very weird. It wouldn't surprise me if Sketchup was adding some sort of extra info to the CAD lines that is messing with your program. Now that I know what causes the issue, I'll see if I can fix those CAD lines so they work with your plugin.

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