Camera Circle
Camera circle is a basic utility to rotate camera around some origin and make a show or generate images
Camera Circle

New in version 1.5:

  • Mainly bug fixe about some blocking case
  • Improved help

New in version 1.3:

  • Removed blocking option
  • Display ETA, to restart a stopped image generation
  • Possibility to choose the center independentl of the axes
  • Choose start position (to restart a stopped image generation).

New in version 1.2 :

  • choice to export in png or jpg
  • possibility to export with transparent background

Camera Circle is a basic utility to rotate camera around some origin and make a show or generate images.

From the bunch of images you get, you can easily make a movie with any video editing software.

  Select images folder: select the direcrory were computed images are saved.
  Edit config: choose various configuration options, see below.
  Make show: only display the rotating show, no images created.
  Make images: display the rotating show and create images.
  Stop: stop show and images computation.
  Help: show this message.
  About: about this utility.

  Center origin: center the camera view on the axes origin.
  Duration: duration of rotation in seconds.
  Loop: for show only, keep rotating for ever.
  Arc: specify the degrees of the rotation, 360 for full circle, negative to reverse direction.
  FPS: for images generation, number of frames per second.
  Images prefix: for images generation, prefix of the generated images files.
  Width: for images generation, width in pixels of images.
  Height: for images generation, height in pixels of images.
  Antialias: for images generation, use antialias.
  Blocking: for images generation, lock the process. WARNING: using this option will lock the application during the (maybe long) duration of images generation. Do not set this option or you may need to kill the application and lose your model.

License : MIT