Show your model as a list of dimensioned parts. Produce a layout of parts on stock materials.

CutList takes the current Sketchup selection and produces a list of the parts, their sizes and quantity of each. The plugin also can produce a layout of the parts on your selected material size and can be useful for estimating materials for constructing your model.

The default settings are designed so you can install and get useful output with just 3 clicks!

The material list can be produced as a text file or a browser window display, which can also be printed. A material list can also be produced as a CutListPlus(CLP)* import file  which has more sophisticated material layout and costing functions than built in to the plugin. 

The layout can be produced in a browser window display(standard setting) or an svg file both of which can also be printed. Svg files can now be opened by most browsers.

Runs on both Mac and Windows. (Note: layout for Mac can only be produced as an svg file due to Safari browswer security restrictions).

Works for both metric and imperial measures.

Though initially geared towards woodworking, it has also been used for metalworking, plastic, etc.

Additional instructions, FAQs, tutorials, features and guidance is available at

*CutListPlus is not my work but is a nice pay program by Todd Peterson for professional results. Most people won't need the advanced features but if you do, it's the next step up from CutList.


Aidan M's picture

Hi There,
Im using sketchup pro 2015 and cutlist. i trying to find the plugin folder so i can edit the code to allow larger sheet sizes, but i cant fin the cutlist plugin folder?

Can anyone please advise where i can find the cutlist plugin folder?
Thanks in advance for any help.


Danny C.'s picture

Under the windows menu select Ruby Console and enter " Sketchup.find_support_file(‘Plugins/’) "

It should display for you where the plugin folder is located.

Eric L's picture

you have to go to the extensions tab in the actual program and search for cut list and install it inside of google sketchup. That is what I did for the 2015 version. Then once installed, go to extensions and it will drop down "cut list" and if you click on it, it will launch the extension.

34ID11Bravo .'s picture

Might we be able to get 10 foot lenghts added to the available lengths of sheet goods?

William V's picture

Hello, It seems like Fantastic Tool.
We are planning to use in steel works.
We think is very useful for costs optimization. Thanks to editor.

Nikita M.'s picture

How is it possible to cut all subcomponents also? I have 1 Table component with 4 Box subcomponents inside. When I'm trying to cut Table into parts Cutlist does not show components from Boxes...

Paul K.'s picture

I already own Cutlist, I didn't know about this plugin. I am looking forward to trying this feature out. If it does what it looks like this will be the best thing since sliced bread. For you new users of cut list you need to go to Cutlist and create the material list that you like to use in the sizes you like. you can also put the pricing in and it figures that for you. Yes it takes time to setup but with this feature it should very handy and a time saving in the long run.

Carl H's picture

Hi, i know this is a bit long after the initial posting, but you explain in bit more detail how to do this. I run small metal work business and it would be very handy,work mostly with linear lengths' Thanks Carl South Africa

stagger lee's picture

when i select an 8 x 4 sheet the cutting list gives me 816mm sheets and cuts up the project into 100s of peices? ideas?i only seem to get the boards not the sheet , can you turn the boards off and only have sheets?

Joe K.'s picture

when you name the item you need to make it a component using one of the sheet goods words in the description( i.e. if it for dresser side you could name it : dresser side mdf . ) The mdf in the description tells cutlist that it is a sheet good or you could add your own words to the list.

Carlos H.'s picture

Hi, CutList can put text on model pieces?

Thanks !

ava M.'s picture

Nice tool, thx for sharing it!

Any chance on fixing isssues 23, 26 and 27 (check your googlecode)?

M.b. it is time to allow others to fix them in your repository, instead of making their own versions of cutlist and sharing them over different sketchup-related forums?

silic's picture

very gook plugin. merci

Is it possible to suppress the display of unity after dimenstions (mm cm .. m ...) to display or export cvs?

ava M.'s picture

On CSV millimeters:
1. do nothing in sketchup
2. open your exported csv in any text editor (notepad), or in excel
3. press CTRL+H.
4. put "mm" in "what to replace" field
5. click "replace all" button
6. press CTRL+S
7. profit!

Angel M's picture

Go Window - Model Info - Units - unchek Display units format. Before open Cutlist.

Angel M's picture

Go Window - Model Info - Units - unchek Display units format. Before open Cutlist.

Dan Rathbun's picture

RIP Mr. Steve Racz (d. 19 MAR 2014, ae 52 yrs.)


In memoriam:

Christopher D.'s picture

This seems to have blown over everyone's head.

It seems as though the author of this extension (Cutlist) passed away in March.

My condolences to Mr. Racz's family.

Has anyone taken over maintaining cutlist?



James B.'s picture

wont download, getting a message about non-NP object?

Leandro G.'s picture

James, login in your account. It works fine to me.

Tim Z.'s picture

I can't make the layout part work effectively, so I mainly use the parts list.
Just wanted folks to know that the size that cutlist shows for a given "part"
(ie: named group normally), is the size of the blue outline if you select that
part/group. So for example if you have a 7' 2x4, and rotate it 45 degrees
before 'grouping' it, cutlist will show (approximately) a 5' x 5' by 1.5" piece.

Rajneel S.'s picture

Can this cut-list plugin work in 2014 Pro.

Ryan J.'s picture

Great program. Saves me a lot of time when trying to figure prices for custom pieces. Only thing I would love to see is either the ability to do custom board sizes or the addition of 2 and 3 inch board widths.

Kelly B's picture

Fantastic Tool. Finally got around to naming all of my entities. I thought Sketchup by itself was amazing tool for woodworkers. This tool makes it irreplaceable and rewards those of us who take the time to design our projects in Sketchup.

Kelly B's picture

Fantastic Tool. Finally got around to naming all of my entities. I thought Sketchup by itself was amazing tool for woodworkers. This tool makes it irreplaceable and rewards those of us who take the time to design our projects in Sketchup.

ABOUDER D.'s picture

Hi guys,
I've installed the plugin, but I have problem to laod this, when I click on cutlist bottun I get an error message" Accessing the resource, C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2014\SketchUp\Plugins....has been disallowed." and I get only a blank page, so please can you help me.

Mike S.'s picture

This is just absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much!

Betram O.'s picture

how can i download cut list cos am kinda of having problems trying to download it

Lance S's picture

Why don't you allow a board width wider than 12"? Doesn't do so good on 4'X8' sheet goods which I use all the time.

Bob D.'s picture

Read this tutorial. It covers defining components so they will be handled correctly by Cutlist. It is tedious to read but very valuable examples.

Also, quote from that article:

SHEETS NOT SHOWING? It seems that by default, the Cut List 4.1 plugin identifies parts as board parts. Add the word “Plywood” to your plywood parts descriptions. To do this, left-click each part. Click “Entity Info” at the top of the popup. In the “Description Name” box, add “Plywood” after your label. Duplicate parts will change automatically, but verify that all you parts are accounted for.

When labeling your parts, only use general labeling, i.e. “plywood,” “board,” “MDF,” etc. Do not label parts with specific material or they will not show in the lists, such as “¾” finger joint poplar,” or ½” cherry stock.

Mike S.'s picture

If you put "sheet" into the name of your component, it will lay it out on sheets up to 4'x8'. It needs to know which components are sheets though, hence the naming convention.

Andrew C.'s picture

I've done this and it still won't use the sheet function.

jonnekjonneksson ..'s picture

cannot understand how to download and use that program. Any help will be very welcome.

Gustavo V's picture

The most useful plugin ever made for Sketchup! Congratz from Brasil !!

falen m's picture

Hi guys

How do I use a board of 2750mm x 1830mm on the system, pls advise

Диас В's picture

How choose board dimensions?
I have boards 50mm*100mm*6000mm, 50mm*150mm*6000mm, 50mm*200mm*6000mm, 50mm*250mm*6000mm

Russell S.'s picture

Look in the Q&A section for the answer - basically you need to put into ruby code

Brad B's picture

As a woodworker, this plugin is invaluable. Many thanks to the author for the contribution!

johan M.'s picture

looks like an awesome tool to use. love it

Robert H's picture

Fantastic tool - has worked really well for me!

***'s picture

MIND BLOWN!!! I have been calculating cost for estimates and cut lists board by board. Then standing in my shop scratching my head trying to minimize waste as much as possible by guessing. This app does everything for you instantly without error or confusion. The best is the options to customize every detail. Thank you thank you!!!

jonathan c's picture

This is amazing!! It even tells you how to maximize the use of boards. great work here. Extremely valuable for any carpenter.

Ewald B's picture

Works great,
awesome plugin!

Herco van de Erve's picture

Great plug in works like dream with cut list plus

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