Curve Maker
Draw spirals and other curves interactively, by dimension or by parameter.
Curve Maker


Curve Maker draws the following spirals and curves

  • Archimedes spiral
  • Bernoulli (logarithmic or equiangular) spiral
  • Catenary
  • Cornu spline 
  • Cotes spiral
  • Euler (clothoide or Cornu) spiral
  • Fermat spiral
  • Golden spiral
  • Helix
  • Hyperbolic cotangent spiral
  • Hyperbolic spiral
  • Hyperbolic tangent spiral
  • Ionic Volute
  • Lituus (shepherd's crook or bishop's crook)
  • Parabola
  • Sine and cosine
  • Superellipse (squircles, rectellipses, circles, squares, rectangles, ellipses, diamonds, squashed diamonds)

Curve Maker provides three ways to draw a curve:

  • interactively, 
  • by specifying the dimensions a curve should have, or 
  • by specifying values for parameters in mathematical equations.  (You do not need to know any mathematical formulas.)
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