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Great plugin, really intuitive tool.
I use this both as a design tool and a clear way to represent solar studies, your work is much appreciated!

I do have 2 questions,

1. I can't appear to change the vertical location of the dome, only the x/y-axis. Can the dome be placed anywhere in the model in the z-axis, or is it 'locked' to the ground plane?

2. To export graphics showing the dome/summary overlaid on the model, is there an alternative way to saving screenshots? The plugin graphics do not seem to export with the standard 2D image export.

I hope this plugin is adopted by the sketchup team as it would be great to be able to show directly in Layout as well.

Thank you.

Hi, great plugin!
How is possible export the sun path with the project, like in jpg for example?

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Hi, the plugin works except the dialog, when I try to show the dialog (right-click mouse over the dome), the dialog doesn't show. It appears this message in Ruby Console:

Error: #
/users/oxer/library/application support/sketchup 2016/sketchup/plugins/curic_sun/csun_dialog.rbe:4:in `show_dialog'
/users/oxer/library/application support/sketchup 2016/sketchup/plugins/curic_sun/csun_tool.rbe:1139:in `block in getMenu'
SketchUp:1:in `call'

Sketchup 2016 & Mac OSX 10.11.6

all his plugins only work in pc not mac os

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Two questions:
- is it possible to override sun's azimuth and altitude independently to sketchup shadow settings?
- what does "set sun" do?

i have 2 questions.. can i somehow render the sun path diagrams on my model thats generated by curic sun? how to get rid of the curic sun after i am done with it?

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To close the sun path simply click on the SELECT icon

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first time I review an extension in store. because it's simple & great for architectural projects. it's like basic of ecotect in sketchup. thanks!

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wao, the shadow in sketchup should be repalced by it. amazing work !!!

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incredibly useful and excellent interfaces

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Magic ! Should be integrated in SketchUp natively...

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