Curic SectionPlane Tool
Make faces from Section Plane
Curic SectionPlane Tool

- Make faces from object.

- Make boundary inside.

- Make boundary outside.

- Set distance to face


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Hi Curic ,

this looks like a really great tool - I've down loaded it but for some reason I cant bring up tools set - it shows in my extension manager as installed , shows in drop down , but no tools appear when i click through ? any ideas - cant wait to get stuck in to it -

thanks Glen

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S.Cengiz I.'s picture

i can not install.

D.Bur's picture

Me too, no results, and a message "uninitialized constant CURIC::SECTION. "
Same problem after exiting SU and re-launch.
Any hint ?

Curic's picture

I just updated it, please try again!

Warning : uninitialized constant CURIC::SECTION.


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Thank so must.

Vittuwong J.'s picture

Thank so must

Keep it up! Thanks