Cross Reference Organizer
Allows teams to work on the same project simultaneously by cross referencing eachothers' work.
Cross Reference Organizer

Cross Reference Organizer is designed to bring SU closer to being a design environment in which team members can collaborate simultaneously.

The plugin facilitates team members breaking a project into parts and cross referencing each others' models in their own workspace.

It has a clean and simple graphical UI that allows you to easily understand what in your model is cross referenced and how up to date it is.

It solves a key problem we found when using the File/Import/Reload process native to SU, namely the superimposition of multiple copies of content when many people in a team Import eachothers' work. It also addresses a problem we found using Trimble connect in our workflow - including the need to publish over a slow connection, and not having a visually orientating understanding of one's cross references.

Our other plugin, Layers Organizer, has features that integrate with Cross Reference Manager to make the Layers imported with Cross References more manageable.

The impetus for commissioning it for our own use came from a desire in our mid-sized Architecture office to avoid the large up-front and productivity-ramp expense of moving to R*vt or Ar*cad, further equipping SU /LO to be an end to end solution for teams.

NOTE : Not compatible with 32bit versions of  SU2016.
NOTE 2: 1 license per machine.

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Cross Reference Organizer (2.0.0); December 10, 2017
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