Allows copying groups and components along the curve/edge sequence path.


Спасибо!!!!! Очень хороший плагин! Антон, реально выручаешь!

awesome extension! it's what i've looking for. thanks a lot!

It's really amazing google translator that you have posted here that I was looking from many other tools. I really appreciate you for share this content and I prefer you to visit this which is easy to manage all type of work.

Спасибо!!!!!Очень хороший плагин!Антон, реально выручаешь!

Which Google Translate renders as:

Thank you!!!!! Very good plugin! Anton, really helps out!

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Would it be possible to set the spacing at a value that would put one copy per curve segment?

I've tried zero, and tried -1, but both cause the plugin to create a very large number of copies.

My curve segments are nearly but not quite equal in length, so I can't use a fixed spacing.

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Yeah, I am signing below JohnMcC's request.

But apart of that, it's an excellent tool!

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Спасибо!!!!! Очень хороший плагин! Антон, реально выручаешь! =))

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