Construction Line
Converts selected edges to construction lines.
Construction Line

Converts the selected edges into contstruction lines.  Construction lines are the dashed lines usually created with the tape measure tool.  This lets you convert any line into a construction line.

Just select some edges, and then right click on one of them.  "Convert to construction line" will appear in the context menu.


Not able to adjust the spacing in the construction line. Using Sketchup 17 pro.

Significant bug with this extension. It appears to be using an invisible object near the 0,0,0 coordinates as a source for the dashed line everywhere within the model. Any sectioning that excludes this area of the model causes any lines converted to construction lines to disappear.

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Great tool, yet not available for Sketch Up 2018! Any plans to add it soon? Thanks a lot in advance.

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I should work with 2018, but let me know if it doesn't. SU decided that the only free version of S 2018 is web-based, which does not support plugins. Not sure if I will continue to support my plugins for newer versions.

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It would be awesome if the conversion was undoable.

Perfect! Thank you so much!

Perfect!!! Thank you.

Vary Thinks! Only Your converter can easy draw dash line arc. Sketch not allow to draw dot and dash line

Convert to Construction Line has always worked fine for me, except when I print to PDF they've been disappearing recently. Has anyone experienced this issue?

Love this ... thanks!

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How do I convert the dashed lines to vector instead of raster/hybrid in layout?

I just installed the construction line app. I have 2016 sketchup pro. I successfully installed and converted a line to a dashed line. I imported the drawing into layout and I could not see the dashed line. I then converted the viewport from verctor to hybrid and the dashed lines showed up. What can i do so that the dashed line will show up on a vector viewport, instead of a hybrid/raster?

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It's ok kind of...makes a dashed line, yes, but ALL OF YOUR DASHED LINES WILL DISAPPEAR WHEN YOU DELETE GUIDES.

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I draw construction drawings and use this tool all the time because it works just as advertised. I have no trouble deleting guides and without deleting the construction lines made with this tool. Just be careful to select only the guide and not the line made with this tool.

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Well, I suppose that's because a CONSTRUCTION LINE IS A GUIDE.

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So true.

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Same problem: with a right click on the line, the line disapears... Any idea?

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Just tested again on latest SU16 on Mac. Working fine for me. Are you on mac or win? And are you saying the line disappears when you right click, or after you select "convert to construction line"?

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Thanks for your quick response. I am on Mac El Capitan. And yes, it disappears after I right click and select "convert to construction line"

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Succesfully installed, restarted SketchUp but the tool is nowhere. There is neither a tool button nor a command in Draw, Tools, Plugins... Where can I find it?

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Draw a line, then right-click on it. "convert to construction line" should appear in the context menu.

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Thank you!

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Hello Daiku, when I right click on the line, it disapears...

I am on SKP 2016 updated.



I'm having the issue, I right-click on it and it disappears. Others don't seem to understand that when they say "It works fine for me", that is less than helpful.

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A Great tool, use it all the time to show dashed lines - setbacks, elements over the cut plane , symbbols showing door swings etc , etc LOVE IT

But not compatible with 2016 yet :(

Thanks for this great simple tool -

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Just tested again with SU2016 - works fine.

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I right clicked the line and the Convert to construction line, but the line simply disappears. I'm using ver. 15.3.331 64 bit. ?

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I got it. Click View, and check Guide. You will not see the line unless Guide is checked.
Thank you Ray!

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I agree with @Amazing Artist that this little simple tool is actually a great tool if you know how to use it. It is like sketching a drawing on paper, and when you have something that you like, you start "inking" the lines. Sometimes little tools like this is what makes the biggest difference in productivity. Thanks!

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How to install it on Sketchup 7 ?

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When downloaded, I am instructed to download the latest version, and offers a link, but then it just takes me back to the extension warehouse where it tells me I’ve installed it. Am I missing something?

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This extension installs the same way as any other extension in the warehouse.

If you download it from the web site, then you'll get a .rbz file which you must manually install from the preferences | extensions window.

The preferred method is to go to the warehouse from within sketchup. From there, you can install directly.

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Hi All,

Can anyone confirm this PLUG-IN works with SU-Pro 2014.

Over & out,

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ye it does

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Thank you I love this extension! But is there a way to convert circles and arcs that won’t separate them into line segments?

Thank you!

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Lines are not visible in layout … is no solution for construction lines ...

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need to change raster / vector and they will be visible in layout

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This is useless. It converts the line into a guide. When you choose to clean your work up by deleting guides it deletes the lines you converted. I hope I'm doing something wrong, I was really looking forward to this extension.

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@Darrel S
My way to create undeletable guides is this : build a group of the model and "intersect" it with the WORKPLANE-plugin.
After opening the group the intersection is visible but has no bad influence.

DAIKU´s tool is very usefull because it deletes automatically faces inside a body.
Thank You DAIKU !

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Not sure what you were expecting. That's exactly what it's supposed to do. "Guide" is another term for "Construction Line".

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Whats the point of dowloading this extension if I already have the guide tool ?

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It can convert any line into a construction line. The Guide tool creates either infinite lines, or lines with guide point at the end.

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Unable to find it once installed. I can find the files on drive, but no access in Sketchup. Need help with this one. Win7 64, Sketchup 2013.

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Once installed, right click on the line with the line tool and choose convert to construction line.

does this need an ftp app to open?

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Sketchup ... Unable to Install extension.?????????

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I prefer to draw with solid lines ALWAYS. However it can become laborious to go over each line with a c-line tool, causing me to have to go over the same lines twice, once to draw my concept and then again to define cut spaces, joint definitions and such. This script, while deceptively simple, is A FANTASTIC time saver. Since downloading this a week ago, i have used it in EVERY model. Thank you!

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