ConDoc Tools
Automate and simplify the creation of construction documents in SketchUp Pro and LayOut.
ConDoc Tools

ConDoc is an extension that expedites construction documents, automates design packets, and drastically improves your project organization using SketchUp Pro and LayOut. ConDoc is designed to provide architects and designers with a seamless workflow process, ease all of the intricate steps involved in document creation, and enable you to have complete control in all aspects of your project without the need to use other drafting programs.

The ConDoc System is Sketchup Standards

It all starts here. Organizing your model using the ConDoc system opens up a world of possibilities; expanded arrays of line weights, dynamic hatches, the ability to draft 2D details, communication with consultants, and a way to share work amongst a team.  This system creates lightweight editable models.  Included in your ConDoc Pro subscription is all of the tutorials needed to go from SketchUp novice to Condoc pro.

Automate the Most Difficult Tasks in Sketchup

Managing Layers, Styles, and Scenes is difficult. Mix in shadows, camera settings, and section planes, and you need to be a pro. By automating and simplifying these complex commands, the ConDoc Tools give the designer more time to focus on design rather than mastering and perfecting every aspect of SketchUp required to produce construction documents.

Drawings That Adhere to Industry Graphic Standards

Producing illustrative design packets and crystal clear sets of construction documents has never been easier, just drag and drop! These drawings are completely optimized with a wide array of line weights and dynamic hatches beyond what is possible in the standard version of SketchUp Pro.


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Mike earned a Bachelors Degree in Science and a Masters Degree in Architecture from Kent State University in Ohio. After graduating he spent several years working in architecture firms, most notably Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative in Denver, CO and Urban Studio Architects in Tampa, FL. Mike recently published “The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture”, which outlines his proprietary techniques for leveraging SketchUp Pro during every phase of the design process. Currently, Mike is the owner of Denver based firm Brightman Designs where he creates new homes and additions, drafts construction documents, develops SketchUp plugins, and produces 3D visualizations. Mike also travels the country to train design professionals to effectively integrate SketchUp Pro into their workflow.
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