Create & export SketchUp scenes with rendering channels for compositing in Photoshop.

Create & export SketchUp scenes with rendering channels for compositing in Photoshop or other painting apps.

There are many rendering apps out there, but self-expression can only ever come from you. If you let the software take over then you're in danger of composing renders that clone the same look dictated by the app and not you.

CompoScene creates rendering channels for you to build upon and create your own art style...


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Hi there Rafael Rivera,

I just purchased this extension and tried it out on my SU PRO 2018. As far as I understand it is just a little more tweeking left to give it a full MAC OS compatibility creditation.

I just wanted to support you since I was using your free SU-CH-plugin, back when I was still a student.


PS: It would be nice if my favorite parameters were saved so I did not have to spend time unmarking the ones that I do not use everytime I reopen this extension.

Or you could use this plugin which is free and does the same thing:

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I've bought your program just a few minutes ago, and I'm having a problem using it.
I can't change the image size in "Export Settings".
When I click the number to change, the number just disappears.

Is there any way to solve this problem?

I need pop-up window for this extension.. can you make that function?
it cover work space too much. i need clear screen for work.

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I'll put it on my to-do list.

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this used to be free :( so bad

I am an illustrator and very interested in using this extension. I notice it's marked as temporarily unavailable. Any idea when it will become available again?

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Is it still temporarily unavailable?

I was unaware of this but it might be because the Extension Warehouse was undergoing maintenance...Not sure!

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