Component Properties
Context menu access to component properties.
Component Properties

I find the Component Browser cumbersome to use when I need to quickly change a component's properties - so I made this little utility that let you change the properties from the context menu.

Select only one component and right-click to access the menus.

Menus & Toolbars

  • Component Instance » Context Menu » Component Properties


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Though it is still in development, I think it is worth mentioning the free "Entity Info + 0.2.0" plugin by TommyK that can be found over at SketchUcation.

...I wish SketchUp decides to add more component options to their native Entity Info dialogue box in the future.

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Q from rubie (ruby newbie) - is there some utility that will allow me to select a component, and either right click or some kbd short cut that would open a web browser window with an external predefined link for this particular component?


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Hi Thomthom,

Thanks for this one. It's a beauty.

I don't want to sound ungrateful here but there are a couple of things I would love to see in it and, if you don't mind, I'll post them here:

- Change properties for multiple components at once.
- "Cut Opening" property should auto select "Glue to Any" property too, as "Cut Opening" for itself does nothing without the glue function being active. This would save one click as it's the most common option for "Hole Cutting Components" and if one wants to restrict the glueing options then it would be necessary the second choice as one currently has to.

Thanks for your time and generosity,


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need video show :DDD