CloudUp v1.5.0
Sync SketchUp models to DropBox, GoogleDrive or any custom location you want.
CloudUp v1.5.0

Updated to fix issue with multiple windows opening on OSX

In the release Mac Users can now move files from folder to folder without multiple windows opening.

What it is does....

CloudUp allows you to save, move, and copy models to your cloud storage folders to make syncing between devices a click away.

Setting Up...

To use Cloud go to File > Sync To > Preferences  to insert the paths to your DropBox, Google Drive and a Custom Location.


Just click the toolbar or file menu option to sync your models.



Mark R's picture

Is this plugin compatible with 2015?

Manuel Alejandro Z.'s picture

windows: "C:\Users\NombreDeUsuario\Google Drive"

Rich O'Brien's picture

@rudie g
Try the above link for support on this plugin

rudie g's picture

Please post an example for the Dropbox pathname for a Mac computer. ~/Dropbox does not work. Rudie

hayesdavies's picture

It just says that the Dropbox doesn't exist!

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get help here...

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