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This plugin offers a large number of products to finalize your kitchen projects. Each component is dynamic and can of change appearance with a simple click !
Click-Change 1


To use Click-Change, you need to update the Dynamic Component Plugin HERE.

This is mandatory if you have installed SketchUp 2017, and want to make our Plugins work on an older version of SketchUp.

If you have this problem, you can watch our 2th video at the top of this page.


New ! Discover our latest tool " Click-Window 3D " to create all types of windows in 3D.


If you don't have a library under the elbow or even Internet, Click-Change can you help.

This toolbar offers commodities that can be useful in creating your kitchen.

The components are dynamic and change their appearance by simple click !


  • he may you be useful with or without Click-kitchen
  • he is complementary to our Plugin Click-kitchen and you can download it HERE


Place your object 3D then use the tool “interact with the dynamic components” to change the appearance of your model.

To display the icon "Interact with the dynamic components", go to the menu displayed > toolbars > dynamic components.


To avoid a too long loading time for the import of a second pot of flowers or fruit basket, you must import all your products before using the tool “Interact with components”.

If you import a second pot of flowers while the tool “Interact with components “was used on a first flower pot, SketchUp may load very long !


To access all our training on "Click-Exchange or Click-kitchen" visits our website :

We wish you to large and beautiful projects with Click-Change ;-)


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I'm not sure I understand all your words but thank you for your encouragement :-D

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Is it free?

david B's picture

Yes ;-)

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Is it possible to add matérial with quick change ? I'm not able to do it. The door stay white


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Hello, Sylvain

To get a response to your request, follow the video 2 on this page :!click-change-training-videos/c23fn

I invite you to follow all the other videos to learn more about the plugin Click-Change.

Best Regards

David Barros

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Tengo el pago hecho, y la extensión instalada en sketchup. pero me sigue diciendo que necesito la versión completa. Como lo debo hacer?. Gracias

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Gracias por su pedido.

No importa porque yo acabo de enviar el plugin por email :-)

Le pasa a algunos usuarios que cierran PayPal antes de hacer clic en el enlace de descarga.

Afortunadamente esto no es un problema, ya que yo os envío Click-Cocina, por mail tan pronto como sea posible.

Yo siempre hago lo más rápido para que mis clientes están contentos ;-)


David Barros

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muy bueno

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To install Click-Change on Sketchup, simply follow this video :

Best Regards

David Barros

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muito bom

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it wont let me install :3

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very nice softowar

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Thank you for the compliments it motivates me to continue ;-)

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Great plugin! Excellent job

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Thank you for these questions !
Click-Cuisine works 95% of the time with pictures, for international use.

For the remaining 5%, they correspond the options of dynamic components, that are written in English and French.

For 15 € you purchase a license to use personal for life !

In buy once, you will be our customer forever ! and the updates will be always offered.

Information :
All our customers first versions go well soon receive the update.


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To all,

I'm thinking of getting a dedicated Extension for Kitchen designs, this one looks interesting, but it's not clear on their English/US website on costs as this part is not fully in ENGLISH ?

15 EUROS, is this payment for the full product.? Monthly or what.?

Please update & or clarify.!!

Over & Out,

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