This extension takes the YZ coordinates from a first point and the X coordinate from a 2nd point and uses those 2 points and adds a construction point in that location.

This script is highly specialized, I don't recommend downloading and installing it unless you know you need it. Which you probably don't. Seriously.

This script lets you pick 2 vertices. It then takes the YZ coordinates from the first vertex and the X coordinate from the 2nd vertex and use those 2 points to create a new point, and it adds a construction point in that location.

Plugins > Chris Fullmer Tools > YZ + X. Select the first point, then the 2nd. It will add a construction point. This plugin does not work right if the model axis has been altered. So reset the model axis first - sorry!


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I can't stop wondering how you came up with this idea :P .

Believe it or not, I NEED this ( though I'm not building a game-it sure feels that way), so thank you for designing it, I will get tons of use from it.

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CLF YZ+X (1.1.0); May 21, 2013
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Chris Fullmer has been writing SketchUp plugins since 2009 when he designed a free study course at UC Berkeley aimed at using SketchUp Ruby to make tools to help improve the landscape modeling process. Chris now works for Trimble as the SketchUp Product Manager for the Extensibility Team.