CLF Vertical Line Tools
Three tools to help make vertical or normal lines by clicking on a point, then enter the desired line length or elevation.
CLF Vertical Line Tools

There are 3 tools available.  Lines by height creates vertical lines with the user input length. Vertical lines by elevation creates vertical lines by the desired elevation. Normal Lines creates lines that follow the normals of the face, edge, or vertex that is selected.  Activate it at "Plugins>Chris Fullmer Tools>Vertical Line Tools".  


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I really like this tool, but how do you set the line length?

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Great tool Chris.! This is going to make modelling much faster and pretty much smart. Thank you.! :)

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If I set points on lines, edges oder vertices the tool works perfect and so it is very usefull (SU8).
But points set on surfaces start the line somewhere below the face or in my 1. trial with a sphere inside the sphere, so that it can happen, that the ray comes out of the sphere on the opposite side or anywhere.

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I found that this plugin wouldn't install automatically in SU2015 from the Window/Extension Warehouse link - nothing showed up either in Window/Preferences/Extensions, or in the Extensions menu. Tried twice, same result.

Yet it worked fine when I downloaded it separately in a browser, then installed via Window/Preferences/Extensions [Install Extension] button.

Perhaps a restart would have fixed it first time? When I tried to install it in SU2013, the extension showed up in the Window/Preferences/Extensions, with its checkbox ticked, but it didn't show in the Plugins menu until I had closed and reopened SU.

BTW, I get weird results when trying to draw a face normal to a face in a rotated component - as I think this may be a bug in the Face.normal method, I have posted on the SketchUcation Bug Reporting forum.


But it is still a very useful plugin. Thank you, Chris.

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Nice tool

would you be interested in collaborating with another type of line tool that draws the accurate (13sigfigs) intersection radii between two coplanar circles.

I can supply the algorithm in Excel format but cant do Ruby

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The extension is showing and checked in Window>preferences>extensions, but doesn't show in Plugins>Chris Fullmer Tools. In Chris Fullmer Tools, I have perpendicular face tools (from earlier download) and "Extension warehouse with links to "My warehouse page" and "Perpendicular Face tools page".

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Disregard above. I found the answer.

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The extension of all the plug-ins in the Plugins folder are "rb".
The extension of the Vertical Line tool is "rbz". Where do I put it?
Thank you.

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I got it. It was simple.
Thank you anyway.
Chris B.

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wow, this great! thanks a lot

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is incredible that no comments

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excellent!!.. Thanks from Peru

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Chris Fullmer has been writing SketchUp plugins since 2009 when he designed a free study course at UC Berkeley aimed at using SketchUp Ruby to make tools to help improve the landscape modeling process. Chris now works for Trimble as the SketchUp Product Manager for the Extensibility Team.