CLF Select Outer Edges
Select all outer edges of selected geometry
CLF Select Outer Edges

This plugin will select the outer edges of a selection of edges.  Select all desired faces and edgesm then run this plugin.  It will leave only outer edges selected.

Access it via Plugins > Chris Fullmer Tools > Select Outer Edges.  Have edges selected before activating the plugin.


This plugin is really good in selecting the edges. I have taken the college paper help to know more about this plugin features. It is very use to use.

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This is a good plugin, but you can also use ThomThoms Selection Toys that has the same function. You do the same with Selection Toys by left clicking your selected group/component, and then choosing "Select Only" followed by "Border Edges".

Thanks !
( I right clic acces could be realys great ! )

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Thanks Chris! is there a 3d version of this useful ruby?

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I'm having a bit of trouble with it. It installed fine but when I select a load of edges and run it leaves nothing selected, so I'm assuming I have done something wrong.

Also just want to say. its an awesome idea! I can see that this tool would save so much time. I really want to get it up and running!

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It's awesome. sometimes, i just wanna see without edges for better images.

thanks Mr.Fullmer

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This plugin does almost what I need: once I've selected internal edges, I need to them to fill up the holes they define. How do I do this?

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I just installed "Select Outer Edges" and instead of installing in my existing "Chris Fullmer Tools" plugin menu, it created a second "Chris Fullmer Tools" plugin menu. How can I get all your plugins to install (or how do I move them) into one "Chris Fullmer Tools" plugin menu?


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Saves alot of clicks on my last project - thanks Chris

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How to run the plug in?

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How to run the plug in?

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Vrey nice,selecting edge will will be more convenient

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completely amazing! Great work Mr. Fullmer.

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