CLF Random Painter
This script will take the selection and paint it random colors that the user inputs.
CLF Random Painter

Select the items to be painted.  Run the script from the Plugins>Chris Fullmer Tools> Menu.  Then type in RGB values (0-255).  When done inputing colors, just click ok without entering any colors. Then it will randomly apply the colors to all faces.  It does not apply colors to edges.


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thank you

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Thank so much!

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Your CLF Random Painter and CLF Extrapolate Colors tools are really useful for faces. Would it be possible to paint whole groups or components randomly with a certain set of colors? (I.e. the whole component one color, and randomly color each component?)

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I love your work man. Many thanks :)

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thanks a lot !

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This looks very handy thanks - any chance of it being adapted to randomly paint a set of materials (with picture textures)? I might see if it's possible to select faces based on their colour, which could achieve the same (once faces are randomly painted then all of the same colour can be changed to all of a particular material).

so good thanks

Hey Chris.
How about adding a "Done" button instead to finish the operation (and maybe you should change the label from "OK" to "More" or something)?
Great job as always, anyway :)

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good! thanks!

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