CLF Perpendicular Face Tools
Three tools to help create faces perpendicular to the end of lines.
CLF Perpendicular Face Tools

Activate it at Plugins>Chris Fullmer Tools>Perpendicular Line Tools.  Change the size of squares by entering a new dimension into the measuerments box after the face has been created.  Change the radius of circles by entering "12s" for 12 sides into the measurements box.  To use the custom face tool, create your face flat on the groundplane.  The script attempts to line up the x axis as the bottom edge of the face. 

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CLF Perpendicular Face Tools (1.3.0); May 21, 2013
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Chris Fullmer has been writing SketchUp plugins since 2009 when he designed a free study course at UC Berkeley aimed at using SketchUp Ruby to make tools to help improve the landscape modeling process. Chris now works for Trimble as the SketchUp Product Manager for the Extensibility Team.