CLF Perpendicular Face Tools
Three tools to help create faces perpendicular to the end of lines.
CLF Perpendicular Face Tools

Activate it at Plugins>Chris Fullmer Tools>Perpendicular Line Tools.  Change the size of squares by entering a new dimension into the measuerments box after the face has been created.  Change the radius of circles by entering "12s" for 12 sides into the measurements box.  To use the custom face tool, create your face flat on the groundplane.  The script attempts to line up the x axis as the bottom edge of the face. 


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Thank you very much.

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I am having trouble using the tool in 2017 and 2108. I can use it for squares, but seemingly difficult to create circles. The behaviour defies my logic, for example, some times I can get it to draw a circle, but the circle is vertical rather than perp to the line. At other times I can create a circle, but it is not the radius I typed in and my only recourse is to subsequently scale the circle to the radius I need. At other times I type the radius and a circle appears for a split second and then dissappears when I press enter and there is no circle left at the end of the line. It is freaky. Hopefully I am just doing something wrong, but I am blowed if I can see what. I have tried every permutation of steps. The model was a little complex, so I tried copying the line into a fresh model to try and create the circle there and then paste in place back in the original model. That worked once, but not a second time.
Exploring a bit more, if I enter a radius of 0.024(m) I don't get a circle, but if I enter 0.1(m) immediately afterwards I do get a circle but having a radius of 0.076m. That is a repeatable sequence. That indicates there is some lower limit on radius, below which the script fails to complete, and in this case if a larger number is input then a circle is generated that is the larger number minus the original smaller number (0.100-0.024 = 0.076). Wierd. I seem to have a knack of finding these sorts of foibles in technical programs of all sorts!

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I watched the demo again and realized I was causing myself a whole lot of extra work. It clicks on a line anywhere (I was going to a whole lot of trouble to create and end-point to work from) then I create my 3/32" circle, select the line and do a "follow me" function. I need to check the ends to make sure they bury themselves in the attachment point. I do really get a lot of use out of this. Thanks.

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I have been using this for years and love it. I sometimes draw old airplanes with all their bracing and control wires. I use a straight line to join the two places where I want the wire to run, then partway along the wire I intersect that line with another one. Then I erase part of the original wire and also the intersection one. This leaves me a line running in the correct direction that I can then make a perpendicular circle on the end of. It defaults to a large circle but you can type "1" and "enter" to get it down to a 1 inch radiused circle (which is a component". I can then draw my required circle (for my bracing I use a 3/32" radius and a 6 sided circle) on top of that component one. Erasing the component circle and the original construction line leaves me with my own sized circle pointing in the required direction. Using the push/pull tool will extend it back the where I want the line to start and stop.

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Very nice!!!

I am working on a curvy wire frame shape where each curve should serve as a path for "tie down straps" to obtain a curvy wire frame shape made out of tie down straps in the end. Until I discovered this plug in I had a hard time to orient the rectangular cross sections of each tie down strap to the orientation of each curve path to extrude them. The plug in perfectly suits my need!

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GREAT extension.
Works fine on Sketchup 2016.
Thank you SO MUCH.

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Just tried the "Custom Shape" tool and it did exactly what I wanted. Not listed for 2016 but AGAIN Chris' tools work just fine.
ps Wouldn't the "archaic inch" problem be solved like other follow me glitches by working big then scaling back down?

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In 2016 version the tool behaves badly. It wont do circles under 26mm (1 archaic inch?) radius and randomly decides to draw parallel instead of orthogonal to your selected line.

It's a really neat idea and I hope the author rebuilds it!

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Edit "clf_perpendicular_face_tools_data.rb" file in "clf_perpendicular_face_tools" folder

In line 328, for edgearray change @@ls.to_i by @@ls
That works for me.

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worked for me too, many thanks, Jude

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Pleeease... Make this work in SU 2016...
Can't live witout it...!

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Great job.... No words.... Thank God I found this ... Thanks alot Chris.... Tons of gratitude... You made my work a hundred times easier....

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Thanks for sharing.

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Le plugin fonctionne avec les carrés, les figures customisées mais pas avec les cercles.
Ordi: Mac, Maverick.

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This is a really cool tool.

What is smallest diameter for the perpendicular circle? I tried to make a circle under 1" diameter and there was no circle placed on the figure.

Thank you for your help.

Bill K.

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Which plugin do I need if I instead need a line perpendicular to an existing surface?

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When I add your buttons to the toolbar the icons are teeny tiny. Any thoughts?

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Yeah, I just saw that for the first time about a week ago.  I beleive that has to do with the Mac retina screen maybe?  I'm not exactly sure how to fix it, but I know it is fixable.  I'll try to look into it in thenext couple of weeks and get an update posted with better Mac icons.

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Hi Chirs,
That is really amazing and definitely with no argue it is one of the best extensions that a user must have with Sketchup.



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This tool is excellent!it save my time.thank from UA.

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Excellent tool, Chris. It works great. Thank you.

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this is a really great tool. Thanks

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thanks from UAE

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muchas gracias Chris Fullmer un pluggin fantastico como nos tienes acostumbrado

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Thank you very much for your time-saving plugin.

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This is one of those fantastic little tools that make life so much easier. when you see it described here, it seems slight, but then you end up using it every day.

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Error Loading File clf_perpendicular_face_tools_menus.rb
uninitialized constant CLF_Extensions_NS::CLF_Perpendicular_Face_Tools::NAME

Sketchup8. win7

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this is a really great tool. Thanks

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Hi Chris,
How did you scale down the surface? Once I place the surface perpendicular to the line I cannot do it.
Thank you.

So simple, but so useful. Thanks.

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Such a time saver - thanks from the UK

NICE! Thank you for taking the time to make this tool!!

That's so coool!! Thanx.

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Great plugin, but on my PC the "custom face" option doesn't work - it's always placed on the ground plane, not perp. to the curve.

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Hi Bonnie

have you got any reply about it.
i have your same problem :(

if you can help me please
I'll really appreciate it.


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¡Nice! Thx

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bravo!!!! thankssss

FREAK'N amazing. Thank you sir. This is gunna help me so much. Drinks on me when your in LA.

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