CLF Normal Map Maker
Turns a model into a normal map for exporting to be used in 3rd party renderers.
CLF Normal Map Maker

Activate this tool from Plugins>Cris Fullmer Tools>Normal Map Maker.  This plugin will paint the model as a normal map, export an image, and then revert all materials back to what they were before running the plugin.

This plugin can take a long time to process if their are a lot of faces to process.  The simple object in the icon took a few minutes to process for example.



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I don't like camera move ;so I changed the code a bit :p #Sketchup.send_action("viewTop:")
but still this is just simply color fill; does not read smooth edge parameter;

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were is the code??

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hahahah nice one

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Very nice

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جميل جدآ

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I can see this being useful for texture creation as a general statement.
Working from a NM has always been easier then working from a baseline image when making textures. For me anyway.

Would be nice if it had instructions to install it. I put the file in plugins, but do not see it when going to preferences.

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I don't think that plugins for sketchup reside in the plugin folder on the root program level. Inside your 'user' folder there should be your personal folder, usually with your name or local computer name. The hidden file should be named AppData; then 'Roaming'; then 'SketchUp; then 'SketchUp20XX'. Keep going until you find the folder named 'Plugins'. Make sure the files are in that, and it should appear in the program. This is assuming that you have windows 7 or 8 installed.

Awesome, thank you! :D

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This script was a proof of concept.  I was intersted in trying to male it work, and I did it!

It could be useful for creating something like a door (as shown in the above pic), then exporting the normal map and applying it to a flat plane in your renderer.

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I probably dont see any practical implications of this. If I have a 3d Object why would I use a normal map to fake that thing in other 3D aaplication, when normal map can add additional 3d details in the same object!!

The normal map is simply a material to enhance visual details(structural simulation) for the door, on at least a 2 polygon rectangle - and while walking by it in a game, say in a dimly lit room with a flashlight - the lighting would be virtually the same as a 5k lowpoly model. So rendering efficiency goes way up along with responsiveness of the application it's being used in.

While most newer GFX cards enable the ability to enhance lowpoly structures with details(through polygon tessellation) from the normal maps, doing so also adds more content for the GPU to process,

So, it's sort of a tradeoff, along with a visual quality vs rendering speed preference for a user.

Because you may need to reduce the poligon number in some 3d aplications, that would help a lot for larger scenes

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