CLF Loose to Groups
Turn loose geometry into groups
CLF Loose to Groups

Run the script from Plugins > Chris Fullmer Tools > Loose Geometry to Groups.  If the user has geometry selected, it will work the selection.  If nothing is slected, it will work with all loose geometry.  It will not group components or existing groups.  It makes a new group for all connected geometry.  So if there are 20 separate boxes, it will make 20 separate groups - 1 for each box.  I use this to quickly group large amounts of quickly made 3d buildings over bery large areas of land.  This way I do not have so much loose geometry floating around.


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Thank Chirs for all your plugin.


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Is there a 2016 version? When I install the RBZ it does not show up.

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Works for me in SketchUp Make 17.2.2554 (latest version of Make as of this comment).

Extensions > Chris Fullmer Tools > Loose Geometry to Groups

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soo helpful! thanks!

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is there another plugin that turn loose geometry into components?

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I'm not sure.  You can edit this one to do that though fairly easily.  I give permission to make this edit. Navigate to the Plugins folder and find the clf_loose_to_groups folder. Inside that folder, open the clf_loose_to_groups_data.rb file in a text editor.  Down on line 52 (about 8 lines from the bottom) add a line and put this text in:


So in context, it should look like this:

     group = @entities.add_group(to_group)



That will take the group that is created and turn it into a component.  Hope that helps!

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Hi Akeel, Chris,

I was looking for plugin to make geometry into components and I found this page, thanks Chris for your work but I am wondering if this will work by editing, I mean the edited program should work fine but we couldn't turn same geometry into one component, right?

If I had a 10x10x10cm component x 100units exploded and run this script, I will get 100 component, or 1 component with 100 copies?


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Thank you Chris! I will enter that command.

kind regards,


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Hi Chris

I've installed plugins, but it is not working
I have Sketchtup 2015

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How to install this plugin into Sketchup 7? I tried insert to plugin folder but it also doesn't work

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I find the plugin a very useful tool. Thanks Chirs for all your contributions.

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