CLF Greeble
This plugin creates simple "greebles" in your model.
CLF Greeble

This script adds Greebles to all selected faces or to all loose geometry if nothing is selected

Select the faces you would like to be greebled.  Then run the script (Plugins> Chris Fullmer Tools > Greeble).  Put in min/max height for Greebles.  You can also add an offset to be used. A negative value is an inset face.  The Greeble offset or original face will change which face gets greebled.  I think that playing with that option will help explain it.  You can also specify a scale amount as a percent.  100 is no scale, 20 is smaller, 200 is twice as large as the original.

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CLF Greeble (2.3.0); May 7, 2013
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Chris Fullmer has been writing SketchUp plugins since 2009 when he designed a free study course at UC Berkeley aimed at using SketchUp Ruby to make tools to help improve the landscape modeling process. Chris now works for Trimble as the SketchUp Product Manager for the Extensibility Team.