CLF Greeble
This plugin creates simple "greebles" in your model.
CLF Greeble

This script adds Greebles to all selected faces or to all loose geometry if nothing is selected

Select the faces you would like to be greebled.  Then run the script (Plugins> Chris Fullmer Tools > Greeble).  Put in min/max height for Greebles.  You can also add an offset to be used. A negative value is an inset face.  The Greeble offset or original face will change which face gets greebled.  I think that playing with that option will help explain it.  You can also specify a scale amount as a percent.  100 is no scale, 20 is smaller, 200 is twice as large as the original.


Well this is the exact model my client suggested me, some parts were different as the curves were not too much but the rest of the detailing are very evident, Custom Paper Service have helped me got here, maybe I can take few ideas from here.

You can also add an offset to be used. A negative value is an inset face. The Greeble offset or original face will change which face gets greebled. I think that playing with that option will help explain it. HPE2-E68 Exam Dumps

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Hi Chris
why all the model buildings are underneath the quad mesh? despite many tries.

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Thank you CHRIS....for happy greebling

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Thank you so much for this. Awesome possibilities. Tutorials?

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gracias senior..

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Fantastic!!!! Thank you!

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Thank you mucho! :)

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Thanks a lot for this great plugin.

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hey you should create a plugin to embed textures on curved surfaces without fragmenting these should already know what I mean .... has put a logo or photo on a curved wall and shall be distributed in many pedasitos and not rendering moento looks good ... something like textures 3d max or cinema 4d engaging very well and makes them look more realistic render you what I suggested to you and you know easas create plugins and things that I did not understand but I usually use much ........ PLEASE READ THIS COMMENT

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Thanks i'm seaching this plugin for a long time.

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Chris you are one of our heroes in the SketchUp world. weldone!!! thanks for all your work

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Thank you very much! great work!!!!

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Love your job, but there are few issues in this extension. It doesn't work when i want work with decimals in the offset values
Values betwen (0 to1 or 0 to -1; like .2 , .3 etc) it only works with integers or numbers above 1 or under -1. For height is ok, i can work with any number there. Thanks againg for your work.


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Is fully installed but doesnt appair under Plugins-Chris Fuller Tools ??

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running SU ver 15 64-bit and am having same issue.


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same for me/

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Hi Chris,

First of all, thanks for all your plugins, Im a big fan since years!

Regarding greeble, in what way is it different from Protude ?
My point is avoid having redondant plugins doing very similar things.

Thank you

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it's a nice plugin... really cool
I'm looking to find new ways to use it more creatively. if there are any suggestion i would love to know.

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great extension! helped me a lot.

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it's a good tool.... you are creative ...but how can i make greeble inside the dome ? can you help me, plz?

You are great man .!

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i like that ... thanks man (Y)

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thanks Chris! it looks amazing

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Thanks Bonnie, I'm glad your students like it :)

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This is addictive, thanks Chris. The kids I teach LOVE it!

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it looks amazing, still have to get the hang of it!!

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Thanks Everyone!  For downloading, the Extension warehouse is available directly inside of SUI 2013.  If you open the EW from inside of SU 20913, you just click the "install" button and it will install it for you.  If you are just browsing the EW site outside of SU, you can click on the "Download" button and that will download a .rbz file for you.  You can install .rbz files from inside of SU 8 or 2013 in the Preferences > Extensions window.  Last resort is to change the ,rbz to .zip and manually extract the file and put them into your plugins folder and SU will recognize your newly installed plugin the next time it opens.

Hope that helps,



thank you very much!!!

how can I download it? thank u

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This is my first download of your scripts and you might want to tell that it is a zip. The file I got down had no indication of that and it threw me on a bit of a chase to solve it.
Anyways, thanks! Now I'll play with the plugin.


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really nice stuff!

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Seriously, you can turn a SQUARE into extraordinary and complex shapes by re-applying the Greeble plugin. It's really fun to mess with, and yet can be a useful tool for duplicating shapes in unique ways (like in screenshots).

I can't believe it's free. Great job!

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You are amazing, i love your job, congrats!

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