CLF Extrapolate Colors
Quickly paint faces using selected materials
CLF Extrapolate Colors

This script finds materials used in a set of selected faces, and then randomly applies those same materials to all selected faces that have no material applied.  Run the script from Plugins > Chris Fullmer Tools > Extrapolate Colors. 

First select a series of faces, at least one needs to have a meterial applied to it. Then run the script. The script will find all materials in the selection (only materials applied to faces though). And it will randomly apply those materials to all faces in the selection set, leaving faces untouched that are already painted.

Note that the script works on raw geomtery. It does not work on groups or components (but it does work on raw geometry inside a group or component if you are editing a group/component).


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Very good, Cris!

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Thank you Chris.

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Nice... ¡Thanks! ;)

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Chris is the man! Whenever I need SU to do something special, I look for a plugin, and 9 times out of 10, Chris has written it! Thanks!!!

thanks you

good thanks

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I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with Fredo's thrupaint tool.  If it's from Fredo though, I'm sure its a great tool!  I just don't know if it does the same thing as this.

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Hello Chris, is CLF Extrapolate Colors same like fredo's thrupaint tool?

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