CLF Extended Views
This script creates new standard views that support user defined axes.
CLF Extended Views

This script creates new standard views that support user defined axes.  If you have change the axis 

of the model, these views will align to the current model axis, unlike th SU standard views which always 

go to the world axis. This plugins is located in Plugins>Chris Fullmer Tools>Extended Standard Views.  

Or the toolbar that looks like regular SketchUp Views, but the icons are blue.


Have Mac OS10.13.5 - SKU 18 -
CLF Extended Views operated properly during 1 or 2 work sessions right after my initial download from Extension Warehouse. But thereafter it stopped working. Did an uninstall and reinstall inside my extension manages but still didn't work. Then I tried another uninstall and reinstall inside Extension Warehouse and still doesn't work. Relaunched SKU in both cases. What are some of the possible causes and fixes for the above issue? THX

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The only thing I have seen work is this: I simply copied the ORIGINAL CLF Extended Views folder and .rb file to my SketchUp Extension folder and it worked with SketchUp 2017 Make. However, even though it "works," I have noticed some strange behavior if I use the plugin with no model in Sketchup. Under that situation, it rotates the axis, and adds some construction points to the blank. This is a VERY useful plugin. I wish I knew how to fix it.


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It doesnt work with Sketchup make 2017

I also use the CLF Extended views a lot. After installing SU 2018 it wont work. I’m really interested in how to get it to work!
/Lennart, user in Sweden

Thank you Icekarim and skywagon!
Copying the files from 2017 works great!
Merry Xmas to you both!!

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I just tried something similar to what others recommended and it works. I simply copied the ORIGINAL CLF Extended Views folder and .rb file to my SketchUp Extension folder and it works with SketchUp 2017 Make. Thanks for the hint guys!!!

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Lennart B., thanks !
I did the same (copy clf_extended_views folder & clf_extended_views.rb) from the 2017 pluging folder to the 2018 plugin folder : Works !

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Hi Lennart B.
I've been battling with this plugin...!! I am not a computer wiz but somehow I made it work on version 201§7 and 2018
Instead of installing from the sketchucation or plugins warehouse, I copied the files from my SU2016 (that worked) and simply paste them into the corresponding folders (plugins folder of SU) .
As far as I can remember that's all I did andit works!!!
I hope you can do the same.
Good luck
Merry XMAS

hello skywagon

Where do you find the relative folder?or what is the name of that folder?

Thank you for your time

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Hi everyone,
It's been a while that we all have been stuck with this great plugin since version 2017....
I guess some of us or maybe all of us found the way (s) around...this frustration.

The saddest part is to see that not a single message or comment was given by Chris ...such as :

''I am out of this ....'' or ''...hold on I'll fix it....'' or ....''you can buy it....''..ANYTHING.

Anyway it has been great experience using this extension.

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hello Chris
Seems that your plugin wont work on 2018.
Could you very kindly update it

Ruby console error
Error: #
C:/Users/karim/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2018/SketchUp/Plugins/clf_extended_views/clf_extended_views_data.rb:54:in `position'
C:/Users/karim/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2018/SketchUp/Plugins/clf_extended_views/clf_extended_views_data.rb:54:in `main'
C:/Users/karim/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2018/SketchUp/Plugins/clf_extended_views/clf_extended_views_menus.rb:34:in `block in '
SketchUp:1:in `call'

This plugin still doesn't work is SU 17. Is this correct?
When will it be updated?

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A great plugin, like all Chris Fullmer's production, but lost into oblivion ...
Meanwhile, there is a fully functionning alternative by AlexMozg, published in 2009 called " Extended Standard Views - ArchTools-version " deeply buried into Sketchucation forums.
I use it in sketchup 2017.
Keep faith !

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Hello Chris,
Great plugin but I'm not able to use it with 2017:( could you please update?

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Nino A
Thanks for this tip, but works only with top view !
CLF Extended Views is much more efficient, works with all views, and no need to right click on a almost invisible axis...
Shouls be integrated to sketchup as the Skalp sections, and many more plugins.


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ADOPTED: This Extension has been Included in SKP since version 2016. Align the Axes as suggested by Chris Fulmer’s Plugin and R-Click to “Align the Views”. For the Top (or Plan View), using the Selection Tool (Black Arrow), R-Click over the Drawing’s current Origin and “Align de Views”.


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Many thanks !
Just installed
restarted Sketchup
works even in iso view not only in perspective view
Again many thanks

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Although I have SU2017 ...I don't use it because the Extended views plugin doesn't work.
What a pitty !! I hope Chris will do his magic soon enough .
It's the most use plugin (for architects) and others

Icekarim's picture

I have been using this plug in for a long time.
Cannot use sketchup without it !
Will it be updated ?
Ready to contribute to via paypal !
How long ?

Many thanks

Alasdair M's picture

would be amazing if you could update to 2017.

happy to contribute via paypal!

steve r's picture

Please, can you write an update for sketchup 2017. It's a wonderfull plugin !

Carey A's picture

2017 UPDATE?/????? PLEASE!!!!!!

David S.'s picture

The plugin does not seem to work with SketchUp 2017. Has anyone been successful in getting it to work?

Elvin D.'s picture

This is exactly what I need thank you very much.

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Excellent plugin. Thanks Chris.

By the way this plugin works on SketchUp 2016. Even though this isn't currently listed as being compatible for SketchUp 2016, it does run just fine.

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Works great! Good job Chris.

Note to Trimble: Please make this a "standard feature" in SketchupPro. Not having this ability straight out of the box really reflects badly on the product. Makes it look like a non professional product without this feature/ability. I tried to find a way to do this using the available menu and was stumped + no help on the sketchup help menu on how to achieve this.

George M's picture

Hello Chris,
When will you update your extensions to run on Sketchup Pro 2016?

Yoko S.'s picture

Indeed, update for 2016 would be really appriciated!

Lydon Lynch's picture

Works great. Have been looking for this feature for a long time.

Dan A's picture

So Simple and yet so Needed, you think as a user not a programmer, you should be part of the sketchup team

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Works great.

Chris, can you update script so that it would honor the currently selected objects and zoom to those only for any of the views?

Thanks, John

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Simple and very effective!

Really helpful as an architect for setting out standard views relative to buildings.
Must have install for anyone trying to extract production info from 3d model.

Keep it up Chris!


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Just tried this again in newly released SU2014. No problem this time viewing the toolbar. And its a very useful plugin.

But it has an oddity that will take a little getting used to. The 'isometric' (world) view always places the red and green axes running **away** from the viewer, whatever view or viewpoint you start from.

The standard SU isometric view places them in the isometric position nearest to the previous viewing angle.

And if you start from Top view, then choose isometric view, the red axis will run **towards** the viewer using the SU toolbar isometric view, and **away** from the viewer using this toolbar, with the view in effect rotated 90 degrees about the blue axis.

As I've got used to the SU tool, and actually prefer its view angle for the smaller woodwork projects I mostly use SU for, I'd prefer this tool to behave the same way - either to go by default to red axis towards the viewer, or (like the SU toolbar), go to the isometric view nearest the previous view.

Anyone else share this preference?

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I agree. It should be easier than having to move your axis. It would be handy to assign a view to a camera location.

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great! I was searching for this plugin since years! It is especially useful for floorplan to rotated 90°. With the narmal top view it was impossible to get a topview to be used in layout when you need to turn the floorplan. What I did so far was turning the layout window 90° but this plugin solution is far better and easier. Do not understand why this is not the standard tool box of SU.

Thanks a lot Chris!

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Hi John M

In order to get the ToolBar to show:

make sure skp is off.
go to sketchup 2013 \ plugins ..... and chang the plugins (these with icons) from .rb to something else - like .rbz (or NBA) so sketchup will not recognize.
Then load Sketchup (it will not recognize these plugin and even gives you a message - i'ts ok).
turn off skp. now change back these plugins names to .rb and load again SKP.
in the VIEW \ TOOLBARS the specific plugins will be cheked. unchek the box and close the window.
open the window again and check the box. the plugin toolbar should apear.

I guess it sounds funny and clumsy :-) but hope it helps.


Hi, Amir A

When I read your post I thought "this guy is crazy", but now, after following your instructions, I think "this guy is great!".

Works perfectly, thank you!


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Hi JohnM, there was a glitch in SU 2013 right when it first released that might have been making the toolbar not appear.  If you have loaded the newest version of SU, it should be working correctly now.

As for the other issue, hopefully that is worked out as well.  The EW is being constantly worked on.  Glitches like that sometimes sneak into the system, but we have not seen much of that recently.

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Looks very useful.

The plugin has been installed, and is usable from the Plugins menu.

But I can't get the toolbar to show.

I go to View, Toolbars, and see that the Extended Views toolbar checkbox is selected, but no toolbar is visible anywhere. It has not been added to my existing standard SU Views toolbar, and even if I toggle that off, and Extended Views toolbar on, it still doesn't display.

I've toggled the checkbox, restarted SU Make. and still can't get it to display. It doesn't seem to be hidden under any other toolbar either - I can move them, and there's nothing underneath,

All the images are present in the C:\Program Files (x86)\SketchUp\SketchUp 2013\Plugins\clf_extended_views folder.

Any ideas for how to get it to display? I use Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, in case that makes any difference.

John McC

PS. I can't install the CLF Arc Centrepoint Finder at all from the Extension Warehouse - instead of Install, the button only says Sign In, even when I am already signed in, and doesn't do anything when clicked except return to the same page, still saying Sign In instead of Install.

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