CLF Components onto Faces
This script takes a component and copies it onto all selected faces.
CLF Components onto Faces

Select a single component and a series of ungrouped faces.  Then run this script.  It will copy that component onto all the faces.  It will ignore any edges, groups, images, etc that are in the selection set.  If more than one component is selected, it will use the first one it encounters.


It will ignore any edges, groups, images, etc that are in the selection set. C9550-413 dumps

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Thanks! It's really a great plugin.

Question Chris - does this run on Sketchup 2016?

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Is not working... Always shows te same message "Please select an arc or series of connect lines, and a component first" I'm selecting the arc and the component and shows me that message.

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not loading into my sketchup, even the stringer downloads wrong and gives me greeble

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Is it possible toput a component onto the intersection (vertices) of faces?

THatd be really helpful… THanks great plugin!!

Chris, I'm a huge fan of all your scripts (or at least all of those I have tried so far), they really are amazing and makes modelling so much easier! Thank you so much!
Only change I'd wish for, is the option of adding buttons to the toolbar instead of having to go through the extension menu everytime. Could that be an option in the future?

Best regards,

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thanks for this, its going to be very handy!!!

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