CLF Component Stringer
String components together like beads on a necklace.
CLF Component Stringer

This extension will take a component and string it along a curve or series of connected lines.  Watch the videos for a few more examples of how it can be used.


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It works as advertised, and does what it says - aligns the components along the edge pointing towards the next component instance.

I have a slightly different requirement. I want the component not to scale (there's a setting for that) and also to stay in the same orientation in space.

I've looked quickly at the Ruby code, but can't quite see where one would change it to do just that.

It is probably as simple as leaving out one Transformation, but I can't see which.

Chris, would it be possible to add a parameter to allow this - keep component in same orientation for each copy?

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I think the PathCopy extension might do what you want

Had to reinstall Sketchup 2017 as well as Center on Origin and Component Stringer. Component Stringer worked previously in 2017 ver. now does not show up under Extensions/Chris Fullmer Tools, Warehouse says it's installed but I can't find it. Center on Origin shows up just fine.

Tried uninstalling and re-installing Component Stringer, tried an .rbz install,,, nada.

Just discovered the SAME Problem with Components on Faces extension.

Can you help?
(and THANKS for all your brilliant plug-in contributions)

Again Chris does this work on Sketchup 2016?

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Hi Chris!
Thank you for this great work.
When can we use it at SU 2016?
Have a great day!

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Great plugin but why does the component get flipped on the path, as explained by Bob in his example of a block? Having to figure out how to set component axis to get the right result can be really painful.

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Hi Chris:

I recently upgraded to Sketchup 2016 and notice I do not get a dialog box when activating the plugin. This is a very important plugin in my tool chest! Please, when you have the opportunity, verify how to make the plugin workable on 2016.

Thanks, Rich

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On the last example, how do you control the spacing between components?

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Spacing is only based on where sections of your 'curve' start. Solution I found to control spacing is with Fredo6's Bezier spline extension (available from, also need libfredo from extension warehouse) - once installed, right click the curve you wish to string components along, go to and select , then enter desired spacing in dialogue and use resultant curve to run Component Stringer.

Also worth noting that the extension doesn't appear to work when run within a group so copy out of all groups and then run, and paste back in after.

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does it works for Sketchup 2015?

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needed exactly like your this plugin, had been searching since so long in vain, but now search has ended
thank you very much, hoping something more powerful plugin from you in near future.
Thank you veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey much indeed!

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Dear Chris,
This is indeed amazing work! I am very impressed. For some reason, I am having the exact same problem as Tanish H. is having; it strings the component, but following the video step-by-step still gives me the weird results that the top commenter is getting (the chain not forming the proper link pattern).
Does anydoby know if there is some way to fix this or if I am doing something wrong?
Many thanks for any type of useful reply!!

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Hi Chiris, I am finding some problem when using it like when I followed your video and did exactly like yours but the result came out this------------>
Please tell me soon how to fix this.

I have the same problem and I don't found any solution

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Nice plugin have been searching a plugin like this. Nice work Chiris :D

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It's very good,and i can save a lot of time.

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Thanks Chris, finnally i had found from SU, after few instal and reinstall, i could use urs plugin ... thank you very much

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It would be nice to do this on circles as well :)

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thx I needed this function :)

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cant install plugin, using sketchup 8, its in my plugins folder however does not show up in sketchup

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как мне установить этот плагин?? спасибо за помошь

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This is such a fun plugin…Just spent 20 minutes building spirals and things! Thanks for all the hard work.

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THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR PLUGINS!! its so useful and time saving.

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Incredible plug-in. So very many uses and time saving. Keep it Up

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Sorry Chris, non of your extensions working

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@Devin - if you open the EW from insidwe of SU 2013, you just click the "Install" button and it will install it for you.

@Bob, edit the block component and right click anywhere on the screen and choose "Change Axis".  Then you have to figure out how to use the change axis tool.  Its a 3 click process.  1st click sets the location of the new axis, 2nd click sets the direction of the red axis, 3rd click will set the green axis and orient hte blue axis.  Good luck!

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But Chris, What if i have a complex Dynamic Component that i do not want to change the axis to? Is there a way to rig the plugin so as to get the correct orientation?

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Once you bend the component, it will lose its dynamic properties.  So you couild just make a copy of the DC, then rotate it correctly, then bend, then put it back in place.  Does something like that work?

I'm trying to use component stringer to lay retaining wall blocks along a curved layout, it always stands the blocks on end. How do I change blue axes on block component to get them to lay flat?

1. When inside your component, go to the tool bar and click axes
2. Click on a edge of your object where the old axes was.
3. Now make the first axis (red) the same direction as the old blue axis.
4A. Click 2 more times so that,
Green is now Green
Red is now Blue


4B. Click 2 more times so that,
Green is now Blue
Red is now Green

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It wont let me install it because it cant find the correct program. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I really enjoyed the tutorial of this and would like to start playing with the tools.

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