CLF Color by Z
Add color to faces based on the Z location (height) of the face.
CLF Color by Z

This plugin will prompt you to enter two colors by inputing the RGB values. It will then paint all faces in the model according to their elevation (Z height). The first color will be applied to the highest elevations and the second color will be applied to the lowest elevations. It works by finding the coordinates of the center of the face. It will paint only what you have selected, or everything if you don't have anything selected. It will not paint groups or components or edges.

In the image, I entered green for my first color and blue for my second color. So the high peaks are green and the low points are blue and the script assigns the colors in between.

I've discovered that the script runs slow sometimes and its because it creates so many new materials. So sorry about that. I can't think of any way to get around that. 


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Gracias Chris, funciona muy bien en SU 2015,
tarda un poco con una topografia irregular,
pero el resultado final es espectacular!!!

HI Chris

I Have used your Color by Slope plugin on terrains and would also love to see this plugin updated for 2017...

Can I suggest a few options ?

Allow users to specifiy the number of color steps to be used

Allow users to specify a height range

Allow users to nominate a material for those ranges

Allow users only to create a selection set for a range [eg allow other user actions to happen, like drop / scatter components onto that selection]


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This isn't compatible with 2016 - will you be updating?


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This thing is amazing, thanks a lot.

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Muito Interessante ! :)

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I installed this through Sketchup Make 2013 using the extension warehouse. All seemed to install ok but when I select a group, enter in RGB values for high and low there doesn't appear to be any change. Is there something I am missing? Do layer settings like colour by layer affect the results. I tried with colour by layer on and off and did not see any change.

I create a cube in a new diagram, assigned highest (50,50,50) and lowest (200,200,200) RGB colors and cube only turns grey and black.

I must be doing something very wrong. Can't seem to get it to work. Same issue whether or not I select the object.

Any ideas?

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The Extension warehouse ties in very seemlessly with SketchUp 2013, so I would recommend upgrading.  Then you just click a button and it installs the plugin for you.

If you still need to manually isntall, .rbz files are just .zip files.  so change the .rbz to .zip and then extract the internal files directly into your plugins folder.  That should work.

Thanks , my SketchUp 8 works

Sketchup 8 does not recognize this plugin. Is there a link to get a .rb instead of a .rbz?

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Any advice on installing it? I have inserted into the Plugins folder but Sketchup 7 does not recognize it.

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This plugin is a fantastic time saver for doing diagrammatic studies in SketchUp. It would be a nightmare to do this manually. Thanks for saving me the time, Chris!

how to put it?

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