CLF Color by Slope
Add color to faces based on the slope of the face.
CLF Color by Slope

This plugin will color faces based on their slope. You enter the RGB values for the max slope and minimum slopes. 

This plugin OVERWRITES EXISTING MATERIALS. So don't use it on portions that you don't want to change their materials.

USAGE: Select loose geometry (inside of a group/component edit is ok). It only works on faces. Select the faces you want to color, then run the plugin from Plugins > Chris Fullmer Tools > Color by Slope. And it will color the selected faces. You will enter the RGB values for the 2 colors, and you also choose how many gradient steps to use. A high number will create a smooth gradient, whereas a low number will create a non-smooth gradient, but it makes it easier to see the major slope variations that exist. Thanks to ICEPAM for adding in some of these great features.


Josh J's picture

is there anyway to go in and edit the plugin to create more choices for the "maximum # of colors" prompt?

Philippe N.'s picture

coloring a topography i encountered the problem that exactly horizontal planes were the same color as 90°. Any hint?

Benjamin Boyd's picture

Would it be possible to edit this to calculate slope vs a smaller max than 90 degrees? For instance Id like to set my max value to a 20% slope and calculate the gradient based on that.

Rovic V.'s picture

it doesnt work for me. my model has slope but it generates only one color (lowest slope value color).

Rovic V.'s picture

it doesnt work for me. my model has slope but it generates only one color (lowest slope value color).

Eric S's picture

Keep up the good work homeboy! Will use this in my class at cal poly teaching exploration of digital environments.

simon.morris's picture

Q: This the number of steps, betweem 0° and 90°, or between the slope(min) and slope (max)?

simon.morris's picture

After some testing it look the number of steps is betweem 0° and 90° :-)

Eszter J.'s picture

Hi, I would like to use this plugin, but after that I installed it and enabled in Preferences/Extensions, I can't find it in the menu Plugins... Is there any other place where I can find it?
Thanks a lot!

jake c's picture

Please make a another version where if the face is facing 90 degrees up, it gets the highest color while the face facing 90 degrees downward gets the lowest color.

Gracias por el aporte

Goran S's picture

In SketchUp 2013 don't work

Pallavi J's picture

I like this tool. However, is there a way to find what % slope are formed by selecting number of gradient slope? Can we make a legend distinctly showing interval of % slope gradients?
Many Many thanks for this pluggin.

Pepe H.'s picture

Exactly the tool I was looking for. Perfect for a slope analysis of a terrain mesh, works as in the description. Very fast and with little to no errors in meshes with high poly count (tested on a wide range of meshes from a few thousand to almost 300000 faces).

Thanks Chris for your awesome work.

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Chris Fullmer has been writing SketchUp plugins since 2009 when he designed a free study course at UC Berkeley aimed at using SketchUp Ruby to make tools to help improve the landscape modeling process. Chris now works for Trimble as the SketchUp Product Manager for the Extensibility Team.