CLF Color by Slope
Add color to faces based on the slope of the face.
CLF Color by Slope

This plugin will color faces based on their slope. You enter the RGB values for the max slope and minimum slopes. 

This plugin OVERWRITES EXISTING MATERIALS. So don't use it on portions that you don't want to change their materials.

USAGE: Select loose geometry (inside of a group/component edit is ok). It only works on faces. Select the faces you want to color, then run the plugin from Plugins > Chris Fullmer Tools > Color by Slope. And it will color the selected faces. You will enter the RGB values for the 2 colors, and you also choose how many gradient steps to use. A high number will create a smooth gradient, whereas a low number will create a non-smooth gradient, but it makes it easier to see the major slope variations that exist. Thanks to ICEPAM for adding in some of these great features.

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CLF Color by Slope (1.5.7); May 7, 2013
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