CLF Camera Recorder
This plugin will record model navigation out to a series of images or scenes, which can then be turned into a movie.
CLF Camera Recorder

This extensions records the navigating of a model and turns each frame into a scene to be made into a movie from within SketchUp, exports it out as a series of images to be turned into a movie using quicktime or any other capable video editor.

It is installed in Plugins > Chris Fullmer Tools > Camera Recorder.  Start recording and navigate the model.  Then stop recording.  Clear the recording if you desire.  Or export the animation into scenes, or into an existing folder.  Supports jpg and png file types.


First of all CLF Camera Recorder is the best widget or plugin I have ever seen in my life. It is most efficient plugin now a days. just like Messages for Boyfriends, Stupid but Funny Jokes, Breakup status in English and Information about William Shakespeare website are best in their field. If you have any dificulty about using of this plugin go to youtube and search about CLF Camera Recorder hundreds of videos you will get about it.

Where is download link please share

Sasank P.'s picture

I am facing one prblm While Using Skect up Walk through Camera Recording.. when i am walking though, walls and furniture layout and door all are showing out line only, its not showing Perfect picture then after few seconds it showing correct picture. can any one help me out from this Issue

Lucian D's picture

It Work, Thanks <3 But if i build, it doesn't record how i build, in record is already builed. But thank you! Is good if i want to put on Youtube. (sorry for my english, i'm Romanian. )

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This a great plugin. If anyone is having difficulty using it check out the YouTube video "CLF Camera Recorder". Thanks Chris!

Juan Leonel V.'s picture

Gracias por atenderme, solicito favor indicarme maqnera facil de renderizar mis creaciones.

Antonio D's picture

Very good, works well in my sketchup 8 but I don´t figure out how "create curve" work.

Juan L's picture

Thanks man you are great.

Pulkit A.'s picture

Works as described. Is it possible to write a script which will move the camera and record the scene? Its my first day using sketchup and any help would be greatly appreciated!

Cant figure out where my video is saved to. I would like to know. Also, when I tried to replay the video, it kept cutting between parts (start: small square. 3 seconds later: Complex house). I would like these problems to be addressed, so I can show my fellow workmates the things I can do through a video, so I don't have to do much


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Amazing ....!!!

In Plugins > Chris Fullmer Tools camera recorder is not visible .only shape bender is there.

Restart Sketchup after installation of the plugin - I had a similar issue. C

I use this plugin just 3 seconds but I think I love it !!!

Thank you very much !

Christian T's picture

Can you export the animation as avi?
I found it - no problem...

Chris Fullmer's picture

Hi Greg, if you access the Extension warehouse from inside of SU 2013, then you just have to click the "Install" button on this page and it will install itself for you.

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can help create custom scenes,

will use it more.

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