CLF Camera Recorder
This plugin will record model navigation out to a series of images or scenes, which can then be turned into a movie.
CLF Camera Recorder

This extensions records the navigating of a model and turns each frame into a scene to be made into a movie from within SketchUp, exports it out as a series of images to be turned into a movie using quicktime or any other capable video editor.

It is installed in Plugins > Chris Fullmer Tools > Camera Recorder.  Start recording and navigate the model.  Then stop recording.  Clear the recording if you desire.  Or export the animation into scenes, or into an existing folder.  Supports jpg and png file types.

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CLF Camera Recorder (1.7.2); May 9, 2013
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Chris Fullmer has been writing SketchUp plugins since 2009 when he designed a free study course at UC Berkeley aimed at using SketchUp Ruby to make tools to help improve the landscape modeling process. Chris now works for Trimble as the SketchUp Product Manager for the Extensibility Team.