CLF Arc Centerpoint Finder
Add a Construction Point to the "should-be" centerpoint of an exploded arc or circle.
CLF Arc Centerpoint Finder

After a circle or arc has been exploded in SketchUp, you can no longer use inferencing to find hte center of that arc/cricle.  Arc Centerpoint finder is helpful in locating the centerpoint of "exploded" arcs and circles.  Select two edges that used to be part of an arc or circle and then run this script.  It will place a construction point right at the location that would be their centerpoint.


George M's picture

is this compatible with 2017 Sketchup?

I just installed it and it works perfectly with Sketchup Pro 2017.

Pernilla O's picture

I have the same question as George M above, I get the message it isn´t marked to be compatible when I try to install it. Is that correct?

Cecil Drakan's picture

Time saver and life saver ;)

Matthew T's picture

Hi, This is a GREAT script. However I was hugely disappointed when my licence ran out and I was forced to upgrade to 2016 to find this listed as "not compatible". If everything works, and everyone says it looks good on that front - can you get this changed so that it is shown as "compatible"!?

SIMEONOV V's picture

does it work with SU 2016?

Alex H.'s picture

Yes! Indeed it does work with SU 2016.

Dan A's picture


thanks a lot it saves a lot of time, is there a toolbar for it ?

Charles G.'s picture

Working fine in 16.0
I've always found myself having problems lining up shafts/pulleys/etc and this will be a lifesaver.
Adding a hotkey was fine, but a context option would be excellent too if it were 'smart' enough to recognize valid context.

Danil Shtangeev's picture

Thanks a lot!;)

Mike W's picture

The hours I have spent doing this manually ! Thankyou Chris :-)
Please can you build me a mitre saw - so that I can cut an angled end onto my extruded handrails etc? ;-)

Marsha C.'s picture

What can I delete in the "script" files to just display the actual ruby and not "Chris Fullmer Tools"…. I know you worked hard and your Ruby's are great, but Clicking around a drawing several times just to get to "it" is really kinda "microsoft'ish".

GREAT Ruby!!!!! And thank you!

Randy H.'s picture

I use this tool all the time and it realy helps to find the center of an arc or circle in when dimensioning in Layout. My only wish is that I didn't have to explode the curve to use it.

thanx a bunch!

Rafael O.'s picture

I must be blind! i only got how to work after reading this comment. (i forgot to explode the curve) X) so....thanks even if u didnt mean to

JohnMcC's picture

Works very well and fulfills a need that arises occasionally.

Would it be easy or useful to have a right click context menu too?

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Long needed... Thanks

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