Import, Editing and Export of CityGML Models using SketchUp
  • Roof Surfaces


The CityEditor allows the import, editing and export of CityGML models and geo data using SketchUp.

During the file import, the CityEditor does not only take over the geometry and materials of the source files but also imports object attributes. Moreover, editing mechanisms for those attributes in the CityGML-specific attribute scheme as well as a feature for the export of edited models to CityGML are available.

After the editing of imported model data in SketchUp they can be exported from SketchUp as CityGML models, 3D-PDF documents and interactive 3d web presentations that can be displayed by the CityBrowser.


The CityEditor imports

  • CityGML models, building models (other than CityGML) from .dxf-, .ply-, .cco, .3mf- and .stl-files,
  • Terrain models from .asc-, .ras-, .xyz-, .adf-, .tif-, .dem- and .dxf-files,
  • Terrain textures from .jpg-, .png-, .bmp-, .tif-, .ecw- and .jp2-files as well as OpenStreetMap or WMS web sources,
  • Point, line, and polygon elements from .shp-, .dxf-, .gml-, .json-, .geojson- and .tab-files,
  • point clouds from .xyz- and .csv-files,
  • as well as triangulated surface models from .ply- and .obj-files.

Model Editing

Editing of CityGML Attributes

The CityEditor provides tools for the displaying, editing, adding, and deleting of standard attributes for buildings and surfaces, as well as of generic attributes for buildings.

Editing of Model Geometry

Faces may be furnished with one of the CityGML surface types (e.g. WallSurface) as well as with a LoD. For grouped elements the CityGML object type can be applied.

Correction Functions

A correction function can be applied to faces that interchanges their front and back sides while maintaining their materials. The faces will optically not change in SketchUp. This correction aims at reducing the models to actually visible elements and assigning the front and back sides properly for the CityGML export.


The CityEditor allows an export of SketchUp models to CityGML, 3D-PDF documents and CityBrowser projects. During the CityGML export, objects modeled in SketchUp will be exported as CityGML models including their CityGML-specific object and face classification and attributes. For the purpose of a 3D-PDF export SketchUp models may be newly generated or integrated into existing PDF documents.

3D-PDF Examples

CityBrowser Examples

Using the CityEditor’s export capabilities to the 3D Studio (.3ds), Wavefront Alias (.obj), OpenInventor (.iv), Autodesk FBX (.fbx), OpenSceneGraph Ascii (.osg), OpenSceneGraph Binary (.ive) and AC3D (.ac) format enables users of SketchUp Make, who do not have access to SketchUp’s Pro exporters, to export their models to other formats.

Where to start?

Using the CityEditor requires it to be activated using a license file. First time users of the CityEditor can request a time limited license using the internal licensing mechanism in order to evaluate the CityEditor’s features.

A license is always bound to a specific computer’s hardware and therefore cannot be used to activate the CityEditor on another system.

First time users will can request a time-limited evaluation license granting full access to the to the CityEditor's features.

You have already evaluated the CityEditor and are interested in purchasing a license? Visit our website and complete your purchase within minutes.

Product Information & Pricing


Click here to go directly to the CityEdtior's download page.


The CityEditor is installed just like any other extension that comes as an .rbz package. Just follow these simple steps and you are ready to go:

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