Interactively paint groups and components in spray type manner.

Interactively paint groups and components in spray type manner.


  • Select Group or Component
  • Activate Canvas Tool
  • Modify Options If Needed


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You must install internet explorer 11 the plugin needs it to work correctly!

Jose Francisco S's picture

Not working for me in SU 2015 Pro

Antonio A.'s picture

Working without problems in my case, SU2015. Thanks

Rombout V.'s picture

The guy has lost his computer ;) he cant comment

atek s's picture

I have downloaded from the extension warehouse and installed. It installed successfully but its not working as soon as i click the icon its give me an error "push frame error unkown runtime error" i have sketchup 2013 pro version whats the problem may i know and how can i make use of it

zer0ne's picture

Test in SKP 2015 NEGATIVE.
after a first error at open< nothing workable !

Amey K's picture

does this work on versions other than 2013 and 8

Rombout V.'s picture

This guy doesnt seem to care about his users. As like all the other mac users i dont see anything happening. Did he respond in any post or any form to this mac issue?

M A G's picture

Dialog window does not resize correctly, and even though all parameters can be set and modified the tool does not work on Mac OS X.
Will there be a fix for this bug?

Razzilian T's picture

It dosent works and i dunno why :c help

Jhay M's picture


Andrew H's picture

Fantastic. works great

martin P.'s picture

Je n'arrive pas à faire fonctionner le plugin, un message d'erreur s'affiche: "push frame: error" erreure inconnue.

Quelqu'un peut-il m'aider à résoudre ce problème car le plugin est vraiement bien! Merci

Óscar H's picture

Fantastic plugin but the same, it doesn't work on Mac.

nawzad o's picture


Diogo M's picture

not working

De Etta L. Ewing's picture

I have an Imac and I also can see the parameters box, but nothing copies. any ideas

Aigars R's picture

not working for me. I see all the parameters and can change them but when I want to copy them it do nothing. HELP me plz with that.

Caleb R's picture

Doesn’t let me see Parameters. On a Macbook Air 11”. Where the “parameters” are, it says the word Parameters, and then just a long green area, before reaching the actual Parameters. HELP!!!! I really want this plugin!

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Luiz M's picture

Cannot make it work. I keep getting a "push frame: error"

Some help?

hopefully this addon will be gooooooooooood keep makin em renderiza epppppppppppppppic

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