Camera Spiral
Camera Spiral is an extension to allow rotation around a point of origin spiralling around
Camera Spiral

Camera Spiral is a basic utility to rotate camera around some origin, radius and distance evolving between two positions, to make a show or generate images.

In version 1.5:

- Mainly bug fix

- Improved Help files

In version 1.3:

- Allows to choose the center of the rotation

 In version 1.2:

- Loop in improved,

- no more blocking option

- continuous rendering

- Message remaining time



  Select images folder: select the directory were computed images are saved.
  Edit config: choose various configuration options, see below.
  Set start position: choose current view as starting position.

  Set center position: choose the center of the rotation
  Set end position: choose current view as ending position.
  Make show: only display the rotating show, no images created.
  Make images: display the rotating show and create images.
  Stop: stop show and images computation.
  Help: show this message.
  About: about this utility.
  Center: center the camera view on either axe origin, start position or progressive move from start to end position.
  Duration: duration of rotation in seconds.
  Loop: for show only, keep rotating for ever.
  Rotations: specify the number of rotations, 1.0 for one full circle, negative to reverse direction.
  FPS: for images generation, number of frames per second.
  Images prefix: for images generation, prefix of the generated images files.
  Width: for images generation, width in pixels of images.
  Height: for images generation, height in pixels of images.
  Antialias: for images generation, use antialias.
  Image type: for images generation, choose either JPG or PNG format.
  Transparency: for images generation, set background to transparent.
  Blocking: for images generation, lock the process. WARNING: using this option will lock the application during the (maybe long) duration of images generation. Do not set this option or you may need to kill the application and lose your model.


Camera Spiral is a basic utility to rotate camera around some origin, radius and distance evolving between two positions, to
Track fedex courier
KineMaster Pro Video Editor make a show or generate images.

Aurélien T's picture


In Sketchup 2017, seems to work, but not as planned.

I can set the origin point, the starting point, but I fail indicating the End View to indicate a different height and thus it does not not create a spiral move, but just a circular move.

Do I do something wrong, or is it not possible in SK2017 ?
Thanks by advance.

Jim B's picture

Background color in my model is tan, but the images dispay a background color of black. Any suggestions?

JeanDo L.'s picture

The black background is displayed when the chosen background has some transparency and when jpg is set as output format as jpg cannot manage transparency.
So you can edit config and set png AND transparency at true or if you need jpg then you need to set transparency to false.

Peter D.'s picture

wish this would work for Sketchup 2014

JeanDo L.'s picture

Me too actually :-)
But the Open Directory widget has been made available from Sketchup2015 only.
To help us for future plugin designs, could you tell me why you stay with Sketchup2014 and not switch to 2016 for example ?