Cadman Report Tools
Tools that let you attach to and manage information on components in your model. Driven by a simple CSV spreadsheet, it provides several ways to view, manage and report design information from a model.
Cadman Report Tools

The Cadman Report Tools label attributes on files and components.

They read from a CSV spreadsheet with headers and rows of values. The important thing is that the FIRST COLUMN must contain a component name or a sketchup filename. The rest of the columns may be any information you want for each component in your inventory, for example cost per unit, power requirements, product numbers suppliers, availability etc..

A simple CSV Header Data file has two rows. The top row is the Headers or category fields for each successive row. The top row of values will be used by the labeler to build the Input dialog, and the second row of values will be the default values for the dialog box. The Cadman Report Tools are written to take input from any CSV file. 

There are three sample header files in the user Plugins/ Cadman Report Tools folder for your use to get you started. The tools read from this Header & Data file to generate forms and reports.

IMPORTANT spreadsheet structure:
Tools read from a CSV file requiring FIRST HEADER (cell A-1) to be 'SketchUp_Filename' or 'SketchUp file name' and its first column (A) should be component names or file names.
Its FIRST ROW should be HEADERS for the various information fields.
Its SECOND ROW should be typical values to prepopulate the dialog form for those fields.
Its following rows (not required) should be typical values for each component or file.


Generate Report- generates a report from a user given dictionary (from drop down list)

Color and Sizes Report- generates a report of colors (naterials) and component sizes (x,y,z)

Batch Label All Attributes- assigns attributes to components based upon a selected spreadsheet 

Make Individual Attributes- individually assign attributes to components based upon a selected spreadsheet

Product Page URL- Lets you select a component and launch a website from the attached attribute

Model Info Report- generates a text file of all layer names and component names within a file or selection

3D Library- exports all components in the active file to a 3DLib folder under the current model.

Remove all Attributes- cleans a dictionary out of a file and all its components

Please watch all the videos to learn how to use the tools. There are too many options to summarize here in text form. 


Kim Frederik B.'s picture

Hi Cadman,
I'm testing this plugin and it seem very good and exactly what I'm looking for.
I'm based in Denmark, Europe and unlike US, we're using the semicolon as a separator in CSV files and the comma as the digit separator. (I.e. 0,32 = zero point 32 units)
This causes some issues for me when opening the csv file in Excel and unless I switch to another setup in Excel each time I need to use this plugin, I have huge difficulties.
Is it possible to select the separator I want to use?

Another issue is that when entering characters which are not in the English alphabet, I also get some strange results.
In Denmark we have the same letters in the alphabet plus three additional letters. (Æ, Ø, Å)
Although I haven't tested it, I assume that it will also cause issues for users in Germany, if they enter some of the special characters they're using. (i.e. Ü, Ö) which is also used in Sweden.
How do I get around this issue?

You're welcome to contact me by email to: kim dot frederik (at) gmail dot com

Thanks and best regards
Kim Frederik

Alex M's picture

Can this extension grab areas and volumes from objects or components? This looks very promising. I am trying to get more out of SU and this is just the kind of thing I am looking for.