Builder Pro
2D and 1D automatic nesting, cost calculation and cutlist generation
Builder Pro

Builder is an automatic 2D and 1D nesting extension for Sketchup. Use Builder to help you build your next project quickly and efficiently, and get instant cost estimates as you draw. Builder will also produce graphical cutlists for sheet materials and strip materials to make construction quick and efficient.

You can use Builder Pro with unlimited input parts. To try Builder before purchasing the Pro version, please download Builder Free, which is limited to 50 parts.

Using Builder

To use Builder, simply enter all the materials used in your project in the 'Edit Materials' window and Builder will automatically assign them to components in your model based on their dimensions. Builder will also find any dimensioning errors in the model or components without a matching material. Types of part supported are sheet materials, strip materials and unit parts that can be set via the component name (e.g. bolts, one-off items etc.). For more information click on the help icon within the Builder toolbar.

Output Options

Once you have setup your model and you materials list, you can run Builder. Select the parts of your model you want Builder to process and click the 'B' button in the toolbar. It has 3 output options:


  1. Quick View: this produces a quick costs overview within SketchUp, so you can see how much your project costs so far.
  2. HTML: this section is designed for printing and for when you have a more finalised version of your project. An HTML document is produced with an overview of costs and optimised graphical custlists for both strip materials and sheet materials to make cutting your parts easy.
  3. XLSX: this outputs a spreadsheet with formulas built in to be used for ordering and budget tracking once your design is complete. 
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