Explodes all groups and components in model

Explode all the groups and components in your model.


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Hello sir, I am a big fan of this Bomb extension on sketchup, but now I want to take this to a new level, I want to integrate this with my web app at crictime, is it possible anyhow? My this blog is on wordpress right now, I can make it to the custom server to integrate with Bomb. Please help me to work on my blog. Thanks in adv.

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But not as quick as i hoped

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Tried on Sketchup Pro 2017, unfortunatly, it does not work.

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When I tried to install this add on I got a warning that it was not compatible with my version of Sketchup. (SU pro 2016.) Is Bomb to be upgraded? Does anyone know of another extension that does the same thing?

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Crashes on one of my models. Using SketchUp 2016 on Windows 10. Crash report was sent.

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Great tool! Some rendering software doesn't read components or groups so this is awesome!

Some folks here are posting it makes their SU crash. Maybe you just don't wait long enough. Just used it to explode a 20 mb large model and sketchup was non-responsive for almost two hours but the script worked and got the job done. Kudos!

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Works great for me in SketchUp2015 … thank-you SMUSTARD guys!

A simple and absolutely invaluable extension for dealing with imports from some CAD programs (eg Microstation) where nesting of groups can be many - sometimes dozens or hundreds - of levels deep.

It can occasionally take a while to explode complex geometry but that seems normal compared to manually exploding a group with highly detailed geometry. Often SU appears to freeze - but the script always does it’s job in the background and SU recovers back to normal in a few minutes.

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This plugin crashes Sketchup 2015 when I run it, the object is a component with a 5 level depth of groups/components, but not particularly complex.

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i downloaded BOMB, shouldn't there be a BOMB icon in the tool box at the top ? How do I use BOMB? PAPA KETCH

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at the top of your screen go to plugins -> bomb all

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i liked

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Null, 0/10 !

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There is someting wrong with the Instal button.
I hit it but nothing happens.

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not to point out the obvious, but I just tried it and nothing happended,

and then I signed in, and tried it again and it worked,,,

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