Bloom Unit
Interactive push button photorealistic rendering for SketchUp
Bloom Unit


Now with AI denoising for a 10x plus speed boost!

Bloom Unit lets you create photo-real scenes using the power of the NVIDIA Iray rendering engine. With push-button interactive results based on true simulations of how light actually behaves, you can share live views of your design with anyone who has a connected device (cloud mode only), perform collaborative changes, and make lightning-fast decisions. Here are just a few of the key benefits and features of Bloom Unit:

  • Ease of use, push button simplicity
  • Physical accuracy, more than a pretty picture
  • Seemless local and Cloud based rendering
  • Real lights, provided by leading manufacturers
  • Extensive libraries, over 300 pre-made materials
  • Collaboration, share your session with anyone
  • Daylighting, full sun and sky simulation
  • Depth of Field, accurate photographic look

Using the Bloom Unit cloud you can focus on your designs and forget about buying high end hardware or tuning complex settings and parameters. Got your own NVIDIA GPU already? No problem, each Bloom Unit subscription includes unlimited local rendering on your own machine.

Bloom Unit utilises the production proven NVIDIA Iray renderer for physically accurate and consistent results. You can even interactively edit your scene while you render, swapping materials, moving lights and reconfiguring your scene, the results are rapidly updated in your Bloom Unit viewport.

Sign up and Installation

When clicking the download link you will be taken to the Bloom Unit website where you can sign up for a free 14 day trial. We offer several monthly plans to suit different usage levels and all included unlimited local rendering on your own GPUs. If you don't find a plan that fits your needs get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

After installing the plugin you will have several new toolbar icons, to render your scene in photorealistic quality you just need to click the Bloom Unit icon to get rendering.

Support and Training

Sign up for Bloom Unit today and we will provide a free one-on-one training session over GoToMeeting to help you get the most out of Bloom Unit. Everyone we have provided training to has found it enourmously helpful in getting started and many people learn a lot about SketchUp itself as well as Bloom Unit. We are here to help, if you run into any problems just email us at


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migenius integrates photorealistic rendering into your business. Providing both end-user solutions such as Bloom Unit for SketchUp as well as the RealityServer platform for developers of 3D web applications incorporating photorealistic rendering delivered from the Cloud.
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